– Quick Post {Yes, Yet, Another} – Family Survival Protocol

I found this blog this morning, via one of my comments, on a recipe I had posted, here. I went and looked her blog over, just loving what I was finding! I will definitely be following her blog in the years to come, and I encourage you to do the same! I am an Organic Grower, of Medicine Plants, {Herbs}, Fruits & Vegetables, and plenty of other plants and flowers; n’ because of this, I am loving the videos she has on her page, with Scott McGuire. He has such a KILLER GARDEN!! Woowie zowie!! Here is the link to her blog, again, I encourage you to check it out! It really is a great read!


Moving & Dinner Recap

Okay, so, lil’ recap. If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that the hubbs and I have been moving, due to an unexpected forecloseure on our home.

  While all of that has been going well, the hubbs and I had my parents over for dinner, this past Tuesday evening {01/08/13} at our current {New} residence. It was a {Thank You} dinner, for my parents, because WITHOUT THEM, WE WOULD BE HOMELESS, and all of our worldly possessions out in the yard, & the ditch. Oh gosh, I can just see it now… {spaces out, just a bit}


  Gah! Okay, so…. Back to the family Thank You Dinner – I single handedly made a huge dinner course; baked chicken strips, which I used my own special meat/fish rub, {YUMM!} this was on a bed of pasta, with your choice of {my own special recipes} tomato sauce, with fresh herbs & spices from Fox Hollow Farms, Ga., and creamy Basil Alfredo Sauce, the sides were Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn, and a HUGE Baby Spinach & Baby Argula salad, with halved Cherry Tomatoes, sliced Olives, n’ Sliced Mushrooms, I can’t forget the sourdough rolls, with melted butter on top –  which were a HUGE hit!!

  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any captures of the course, before it was well devoured… BUT!! {I can’t leave ya’ll hanging!! >.  

{Found it on pintrest, If you want the recipe, check my Pintrest, in my board, Chicken Recipies} It is NOT my recipient, I put my own twist on it. Enjoy, ya’ll!! ~Ami

Merry CHRISTm…

Merry CHRISTmas!!

  Merry Christmas Everyone!!
   I know I am late at saying this, But Merry CHRISTmas anyway!! We have been stuffing our faces, enjoying watching TUG keeping us well entertained, enjoying the much missed company of loved ones, and enjoying listen to the newest member of the Brock family ‘sigggghhh’ after his adorable sneezes! He is SO CUTE!!
   I hope all of ya’ll got to spend one day {if not more} with your families!  Too often we take for granted what we have, until its gone, and usually by then, it is way too late. I  admit that I have done this numerous times!
  Remember: Its the LITTLE things that count the most!! Don’t let them pass you by!! ~ Ami