LTB – The Sisters Movement

It had been a looong, hectic, world wind, confusing few months… I am trying to think back, so I can tell you when it all started, but honestly – I can’t remember… Yikes.

  Well, I want to to fill you in on something that has taken place in my life, since September 2013. Becca, Julez started a new healthy eating regime. Julez & Becca started a blog, around their movement, and I decided to tag along. (I needed to loose some unwanted lbs, anyway, so what did I have to loose?)

  What these 2 girls are doing really is a good thing. Not only for them, but for you too! They aren’t there to be biased, n’ brag about them accomplishments, they are there to help encourage you & so many others too!!

Please check out their blog, I think you will really enjoy it!

QUOTED (with permission) FROM THEIR BLOG: “{Becca & Julez} started because we both are living very hectic lives, but we are both striving to live healthier lives, food, mind, body, & soul.”

If you would like to read more, please checked out their blog, and check out their page, “The Two Sisters”.

  I know not many of you know what I am about to say, But as I said a week or so ago, I have been pushing myself in ways that I normally wouldn’t, but because I am loosing all of this weight, it has caused me to become much more self confident, so here is a little something about me… Enjoy!

>>>>  I was a #YOGI & a #GymBuff inmy younger years, but life kicked into overgear when I graduated H.S., and I quickly got out of the lifestyle. {Go Figure.}

  I want to become stronger, not only to strengenthen my Core, but also to strengthen my walk with the Lord.

In the process of strengenthing myself, & losing these lbs in a healthy way, I want to be a YOGI again, with a kick-butt bod!!
Most of you don’t know this, but I used to weightlift professionally. I was going to the gym on a regular basis; I had a kick-butt trainer who was very professional; he knew what he was doing; he taught me a lot of the tricks I know to this day.
He taught me many ways to get myself motivated, and ways to keep myself pushing myself harder, until I got the results I wanted/needed.

  I worked out in his gym, 7 days a week; 4 hours a day, core, arms, legs; I combined 2 hours of YOGI into every evening/morning, {Depending on the day & the activities planned.}

I wasn’t intrested in winning, or looking sickly buff; I wanted the knowledge, I wanted to build my body THE RIGHT WAY, AND I WANTED TO FEEL “GOOOOOD” ABOUT MYSELF.

Well, I have been following a few people, (Twitter, Blogs, Tumblr, etc.) and they; for the most part; have greatly inspired me to get back into the lifestyle.

There is one young lady I strongly admire, one who has inspired me the most – mainly thru her #Twitter, #IG, & her #Website >>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<<

“I just saw that broken link… In my last post. Whoops!”

So, I went back to find the pin, for the broken link, But I can’t find it, … I am sorry!! I hate it as much as you do – I really wanted to check that website out later, But hey! @ least I can make up for it, RIGHT?? Yep! Enjoyz! ~Ami

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Thrifty Thursday…String Storage

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday…using what we have around the house (or super cheap things) to make our lives a little easier.
Today, it’s string storage. I know, trivial, but we all have string right? Well, here’s the new string idea in my sewing room…mounted on the wall.

We all have baskets around the house, but if not, these are from The Dollar Tree for…you guessed it…$1.00.
The baskets hold your balls of string. It’s easy to see, contains them without the balls going every where and the baskets could hold more than one ball too.

I don’t have small children around my house, so I hooked scissors on the basket for easy cutting!

The holes in these baskets allows for the string to be threaded through…just pull as much as you need and cut!! The rolls of string stay inside the baskets.
Easy peasy!

If you’d like to see my old string storage, you can CLICK HERE.
Hope you have a Thrifty Thursday, ~Karen~

{Gently Reblogged & Posted with LOVE! ~Ami}

“Gardening – Under The Turf” n’ “Garden Me Pretty”

Whoooooo!! SPRING. IS. HERE. !! The weather may not want to behave, but Easter has come & gone, and that, in my book, means SPRING!! Have you noticed that EVERY-THING is thickly covered pollen??? Another sign that SPRING is here. FINALLY!

So, you know that a number of weeks ago, My dream for a garden came true, Thanks to my Dad; I love ya, Dad! X0!

I have a washpail full of Gardening Boards on my Pintrest account – Slap full of ideas, loves, n’ all kinds of stuff! I have several moc-ups of future projects for the the Hubbys & I’s Estate Garden. I have a few I’d like to feature here, tonight… Can you guess what my next few projects are?? I’ll give you a hint… It has something to do with Red Wigglers.

Here are some of the ones I just pinned a few min ago, to my boards. . .

Oh! n’ P.L.E.A.S.E. check out MY PINTREST ACCOUNT & Check out my 147 Pintrest Boards {& Climbin’!}

I hope all of of Ya’ll enjoy the weather, despite what temperature. If its warm & sunny GET OUT AND ENJOY IT!! Rainy or cold? Park yourself infront of the laptop or in a chair with your favorite book, and some #Skittles. { @YouFoundPickles  n’ @Lizlarg on @Instagram }

I am going to call it a night. Tomorrw is a big day for me, my Hubby is comming back home. I have missed him so much!! I am going to tackle him in bear hug & lots of kisses when I see him! LOL! {I did that once @ an airport, one year… I nearly knocked him over! He totally didn’t expect it,  It was hilarious!… I wonder if a video of it is floating around YouTube somewhere..?? If ya’ll find it somewhere on YouTube, Tag me in it! #VolpeLife}

Our Family Trip to Jamestown, Virginia in November of 2012


image I took this with my Android; It was a view of the ocean, between the wooden planked fence, from back in the era, on the Island of Jamestown. I have another picture, that is simular, but I like this one better.

image A little History, n’ some insight on the area, statue, and era.

image I was standing directly below the chimney, in the house frame. I took this with my phone, I now wish I had taken this with my camera, It would’ve looked SO much better!!

image Famehouse of the 1st Settlers, in Jamestown, on Jamestown Island.



















The Best Junk Drawer Organizers


Am I the only one who feels a slow, warming sensation begin to work its way through my body when I look at impeccably organized drawers? The junk drawer in my kitchen doesn’t look like this, but oh how I wish it would. It’ll come as no surprise that the drawers above are from Martha Stewart, but I was pleased to realized her secret: modular units instead of all-in-one drawer organizers. Yes!


Small modular units in different sizes are so much more adaptable than one big organizer block with pre-assigned areas. Get the sizes you need, and don’t worry about fitting that all-in-one organizer into your drawer.

5 Great Modular Drawer Organizers
• Silver Mesh Drawer Organizers, $1.69 – $4.19 at The Container Store
• PP Boxes, $2.75 – $.625 at Muji
• Modular Drawer Organizers, $29.95 – $36.95 from Williams-Sonoma
• OXO Interlocking Modular Drawer Organizers, $3.00 – $10.00 at Sur La Table
• Modular Bamboo Drawer Organizer Trays, $3.99 – $6.99

Sequin Mirror {Gently Borrowed}

YEP!! ❤ I borrowed this from a blogger, over @ this link:

Tell Em’ I sent ya!! ~ Ami


Sequin TB roll sunburst mirror

Do you ever …love at first sight?  Do you have sleepless night just to think how to ‘have’ it?  Do you ever tried 101 ways just to fulfill your desperate-want-to or must-have?  I do! After I seen this look simple-but-actually-not-as-simple project by Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.  A sunburst mirror using PVC pipe! How cool!

I saw the projects months ago…I have all the material on hand…but only one thing short… PATIENCE!  I don’t have a miter saw…so, no harm to exercise by using a hand saw…but after cutting the second piece of PVC ring…I give up the method…I JUST CAN’T STAND THE WHITE PVC RESIDUES SNOWING EVERYWHERE….Sorry, Alicia…I don’t have a separate work area…I cut the PVC pipe in my craft corner!
So… second alternative…. Why not a Toilet Roll instead of PVC pipe..Yeah!…(after few attempt…and killed a few toilet rolls… wrapper rolls…. aluminium foil rolls…  Gosh!  So hard to have a straight cut and it also quite messy!
Third alternative…Finally, I started to regain my conscious.  Why the hard way?   I use some old cardboard, draw a 1cm width lines, cut it out and rolled them into whatever I want them to be….simple and perfect… no messy…What was I thinking earlier?
See…My way…to this beauty…

Material : 
1 piece of mirror
1 piece of “?” hook
1 piece of tin’s lid – the size of the lid have to be smaller than the mirror.
Pieces of old cardboard…at least 3mm thinkness
Glue, Double sides tape, Glue Gun
Some sequins  (optional)
Method :-
1.  Screw the ‘?’ hook and your cardboard ring into the lid.  This will be the base of your sunburst mirror.



 2.  Start to arrange your cardboard rings around the lid until you happy with the pattern.  I made a simple one by mixing 1″ ring, 1.5″ ring and 2″ ring.  This is the result…


3.  You can paint the rings but I skip the painting job and add some bling-bling to it by glue on some leftover sequins…I bought this sequins earlier for my mom to add some on her dinner outfit…Well. that’s another story.

4.  Close-up on the sequins thing..

5.  Here how it looks when done.
6.  Glue the mirror onto the lid using glue gun.
7.  DONE!!!  Finally, my own sunburst mirror.

It’s now the feature of the staircase wall!
My new love!
When there’s a will
There’s a way…
When a mom want something…
nothing gets into her way!
Smiles and Craft on!

Life is becoming a lil’ bit simpler….

My wonderful Husband got me a MiFi HotSpot for my birthday, & I am getting some serious use out of it!! I LOVE IT!! I used to have to take him to work, & then go find a hotspot & surf the web till I could get everything I needed to do, done. Now, I just stay @ Home, & work on my laptop. Whats even better? I get to stream Pandora, Check my email as it comes in, Upload captures from past photo-shoots, & so much more!! I love being able to multi-task while I am working on the web!! Today, I will be streaming Google Play, & doing dishes, cleaning the house, & making stew for when my baby gets home from work, then we can relax & be lazy for a few hours till its time for bed. I hope all of yall have been enjoying your friday, Can you believe the weekend is here??? Heck Yeah!! Till next time, ~Ami