Under the weather…

For the past several days, my Hubby has been sick, & feeling pretty rotten. He & a bunch of the guys from his place of work, had to go & get shots, its a yearly thing with their Insurance thru the company. Anyway, he, along with a handful of the other guys from his work, became sick a few days after the shots.. That’s just gross, that they couldn’t sterilize the syringes!

So the Hubby has been sick, for @ least 2 weeks now, and about 4 days ago I could feel myself catching it. I have always had a pretty strong immune system, until the past few years. It all started the year I got the flu, that was so bad I felt like I was dying. No joke! I had to be rushed to the ER, because I  woke up in a pillow soaked in my blood, I panicked & couldn’t breathe. According to my Hubby, (We were engaged @ the time); I was pretty hysterical, so he did what he thought was best. I normally I don’t have a problem with blood, especially large amounts of blood, but I think, just the fact that I didn’t know WHY I was bleeding so much, I panicked.   Ends up, the Dr. said I was bleeding out of my eye sockets, this is why my pillow was soaked with my blood.  I had a severe sinus infection, along with the flu, the infection was expanding so much in my head, it was pushing on everything, making me bleed from unusually spots, because of all the pressure. That was the last time I had the flu, I hope it stays out of my system, for good. I definitely don’t want to re-live that again!! It took me 4 months to get over that whole thing. Talk about sick!

Well, while I am in my sickly state, I am going to start working a few pages for my blog, & add a few new things. I hope I can get a good bit done, & ya’ll like the changes. 🙂 Now, where did I put my hot tea….?  Ciao! ~Ami