“Happy, Giggly, Bubbly Sisters in the Morning”

  Good morning!! I hope al of you are having an absolutely lovely Thursday morning!! Are you happy that the weekend is almost here?? Yay!! [Giggles}

  I am sitting here in, next to my sister, Little Rose Bud, {@Semikee – Ask her later what it means} n’ we are surfing the web, giggling at all of the cute and funny looking things that we see on the www, talking about how dorky people can be, checking out each others blogs out, giving critisizing advice on each others blogs, having a good ole’ time. {Inbetween my high pitched “Awwweeeeeee’s” & “Ain’t that so darn cute” squeals.} 

  Early, early this am, I was looking around Pintrest, getting caught up on my every day Inspiration, when I came across a post, that I absolutely fell in LOVE with… You just HAVE TO stop by, and see her page, as well as her blog! Don’t forget to mention that you found her on my page!!   

  I want to share a few other blogs, that I have found along the way. Different topics and such.

  • Go By And Visit My Sisters Page: {Little Rose Bud}
  • Please Go By And Check Out My {Other} Blog: {My Photography Blog, Since I deleted all of my facebook accounts. Just got to be too much, Yes, I am a bit of a multitasker, but hey, I can only do so much at one time!! {Okay, enough of that.On to the next link.}
  • I found this siteby going to my dashboard and clicking “Freshly Pressed”, and scrolling down to something that I found Interisting… Like… PHOTOGRAPHY!  
  • On to Gardening!! This blog has a place in my heart, and my garden!! Want to see my current favorite post, from this blog?? I origionally found this particular post on Pintrest, Small world, isn’t it?

Well…. Now that I shared a little happiness, this morning… I am going to rub in a little l♥ve… And work on updating this blog, My JFox’C Photography blog, and maybe even update the themes on each, just a bit. I’d love to hear your feedback!! Hope ya’ll all have a blessed day, and an awsome weekend!! ~ Ami


August 1st, 2012 ~ Welcome August!!



Welcome August!!

   I must say, August is definitely my favorite month. It’s right smack dab in the middle of summer, after the hottest part of the year {July 4th},  usually by now I have got a decent tan going on. Not to mention, My birthday is tucked away somewhere in the middle of this month! Summer is always filled with lots of potential, the weather nice & hot, but not too deathly hot. Being Italian, I can usually stand some pretty scorching temperatures, with ease.

   Unfortunately, after June 21st, the the days start getting shorter. Even though it gets hotter & hotter every summer, down here in the true south, & I absolutely LOVE it! I’m a Southern’ Gal, & Lovin’ It. Southern’ Born & Southern’ Raised, with a bit of Fiery Italian Kick. If my Husband & I ever move, I’m gunna miss livin’ in the South where it’s super hot, because it’s so worth it.  I  do love a good, ice & snow covered winter, cold & snow covered for months, yep that’s a nice change of scenery, but I still love me a good hot summer! They balance each other out, well!