Life Changing Events

Hey there!!

I know I have been neglecting my precious blog, but I can honestly say I have been so stinking busy in the past several months, that I could barely keep up!

Could you ever forgive me?? I promise to do better!!

Let’s get back on topic,… There’s a lot of changes going on behind the scenes in my life right now, and I’m finally at a point where I can share some of them with you. It is all so exciting and liberating!

➝ Our Personal Goals
We have finally arrived at a time in our lives, where we are able to both do a change of careers – It is for the best! We’ve been praying long and hard for this, for about 8-10 years or so now.

  If you’ve been following our IG, or know one (or both) of us personally, it is likely you have heard us speak about it. We felt like God was clearly saying “wait”, so we simply started praying for it.

Since then, we’ve prayed that God would show both my Husband and I when to start getting the ball gradually moving, and that he’d make it clear when we were to really get things rolling. (That time is now.)

While we’ve been praying for this for so many years, it has been a little bit of a crazy adventure!

Suddenly going from ‘just praying about it’ to God saying, “here’s the life I want you to pursue.”

Now, we’re finally at a point where we are able to move forward, and we’re super stoked about it. We have been working at our separate jobs constantly praying about our situation, all the while – gathering all of our stuff (that is scattered around the house, some of which is no longer in boxes from our previous move – which occurred a little over a year and 4 months ago) and throwing it all in ‘somewhat’ organized boxes, for storage. All the while, going thru the rest in detail – like mad people!! I personally, and a bit of an ‘Organizatinal Nut’… So much that I have aquired the name – Organizational Natzi (One that I am not fond of).

What we wont take with us, will be in storage, under strict supervision, to hopefully deter any thefts.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give an exact job title, at the moment… However, I can tell you that we will be traveling all over the USA together. You never know, we may just run into you along the way! Now wouldn’t that be cool??

As D-day gets closer and closer – I will be able to tell you more of the specifics, so please keep an eye, here.

As for more regular post ‘sightings’, I am honestly going to aim for no less than 3-4 per week – but I am not making any promises!!

I will, however, be making some serious changes to our blog. Doing away with some things, and adding others.

We want to know what you think about all of this! We would LOVE to hear your feedback! We hope you all are having a lovely week, where ever you may be, and we pray for your safety.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading what we have to say! – Ami

In Between…


  The hubbs and I have had a very rough end of the year of 2012. My hubbys birthday was the 13th of December, and just that day alone was rough. That was the day all of this poop hit the fan… That is this months news, gently put, the past days, since his birthday, have consisted of us packing like ‘ frantically mad people ‘, & borrowing my Dad to help with the major appliances, moving, packing, moving, packing…

   Yep. You get the idea. Its been pretty depressing, to say the least. We have had a LOT of support from our neighbors, the Cochran’s & Tutten’s {Mucho appreciated}! My parents have been a huge help, too! We both tell my Dad, ever time we see him, that if it wasn’t for giving is a hand, from the very beginning, we couldn’t have done it with out him.

   This Christmas is going to a rather tough one, not only are we looking our house, our HOME, but we are making a LOT of changes that will continue long after the holidays.

  Sigh… Ok, enough of that.  The captures in this post are updates of My Father’s & My Uncle’s Estate, that we are moving into. It may not seem like much to some, but It means the world to me, because I spent a large percentage of my childhood here, with my Grandparents, when they were alive. TO ME, IT IS MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME. It will always be home. This whole month has made me so incredibly emotional, and I am not usually the emotional type. I am trying to remember my Aunt L’s advice, “Treat it as a new adventure!” Believe me; I am trying my best to think of it like that. It can be so overwhelming & challenging at times! whew!

   My hubbs also tried encouraging me, the other day, by saying, “Think of it in such a way, as your Grandparents are still here for you, still helping you, or helping us, and they are still here for us.” I know he was just trying to help, but I cried even more. I miss them both so much!! My Grandmother passed in ’99, due to Cancer, and My Grandfather passed just a few years back. My grandmother was my BEST friend when I was a kid, we did a LOT together, & when she passed away, I rebelled against everyone & everything in my life. {was 13 at the time, and that just made things worse.} I hated the world, I hated my life. I just lost it that year. I remember, every day, I asked God, WHY???? WHY DID YOU TAKE HER FROM ME??? I was so selfish, then. I see it now because I have grown up, and matured, But that will never change how much I miss her & Grandpa!













Ah, yes. The many assorted plant pictures,… The hubbs & I went to Lowes, the other evening, after we moved several truck & trailer loads from our HOME, to The Estate. We originally went for plastic storage boxes, which we were able to get a few, but, like normal,  I got sidetracked, looking for heaters, then I wandered over an isle where I found a LOT of overly priced Christmas stuff, and then I looked up,  just as I was just about to go find the hubbs, and squeeled “Ohhhhh!! Garden plants on CLEARANCE??!!” Good luck getting me outta there, now! I ended up getting 33 potted plants, for $8!!! No! I am NOT JOKING!! I even got this funky looking, all green, growing straight up, plant, for $2… if you know what it is, PLEASE fill me in! Cause I have NO CLUE! {Its Marked!! look UP!!}

A Huge Mound of Packing Tape

I am sitting here, on the couch, what is left of our green micro Swede couch, what is not in storage, already, that is. I am staring at a Huge Mound of packing tape to my right, as I am surrounded by plastic and cardboard boxes, alike.  I have my blue book, here with me, also, so that I can number, label, and know what is being packed in what box; sometimes I hate my organization skills, sometimes. Ugh… I just finished the 2 loads of dishes, lunch is in the microwave, and I am to pack what I can, till my Husband gets home from work, late tonight. . . Right after I finish re-working my 3 month calendars, and writing a terrified that I have been putting off. Have a great Saturday!! Goal up some sun, on the 1st day of fall, for me!!  Oh, I have a wreath to make, and post the tutorial here, too! ~Ami