Sequin Mirror {Gently Borrowed}

YEP!! ❤ I borrowed this from a blogger, over @ this link:

Tell Em’ I sent ya!! ~ Ami


Sequin TB roll sunburst mirror

Do you ever …love at first sight?  Do you have sleepless night just to think how to ‘have’ it?  Do you ever tried 101 ways just to fulfill your desperate-want-to or must-have?  I do! After I seen this look simple-but-actually-not-as-simple project by Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.  A sunburst mirror using PVC pipe! How cool!

I saw the projects months ago…I have all the material on hand…but only one thing short… PATIENCE!  I don’t have a miter saw…so, no harm to exercise by using a hand saw…but after cutting the second piece of PVC ring…I give up the method…I JUST CAN’T STAND THE WHITE PVC RESIDUES SNOWING EVERYWHERE….Sorry, Alicia…I don’t have a separate work area…I cut the PVC pipe in my craft corner!
So… second alternative…. Why not a Toilet Roll instead of PVC pipe..Yeah!…(after few attempt…and killed a few toilet rolls… wrapper rolls…. aluminium foil rolls…  Gosh!  So hard to have a straight cut and it also quite messy!
Third alternative…Finally, I started to regain my conscious.  Why the hard way?   I use some old cardboard, draw a 1cm width lines, cut it out and rolled them into whatever I want them to be….simple and perfect… no messy…What was I thinking earlier?
See…My way…to this beauty…

Material : 
1 piece of mirror
1 piece of “?” hook
1 piece of tin’s lid – the size of the lid have to be smaller than the mirror.
Pieces of old cardboard…at least 3mm thinkness
Glue, Double sides tape, Glue Gun
Some sequins  (optional)
Method :-
1.  Screw the ‘?’ hook and your cardboard ring into the lid.  This will be the base of your sunburst mirror.



 2.  Start to arrange your cardboard rings around the lid until you happy with the pattern.  I made a simple one by mixing 1″ ring, 1.5″ ring and 2″ ring.  This is the result…


3.  You can paint the rings but I skip the painting job and add some bling-bling to it by glue on some leftover sequins…I bought this sequins earlier for my mom to add some on her dinner outfit…Well. that’s another story.

4.  Close-up on the sequins thing..

5.  Here how it looks when done.
6.  Glue the mirror onto the lid using glue gun.
7.  DONE!!!  Finally, my own sunburst mirror.

It’s now the feature of the staircase wall!
My new love!
When there’s a will
There’s a way…
When a mom want something…
nothing gets into her way!
Smiles and Craft on!