Make Your Own Body Wash!!

Make Your Own Body Wash

UPDATE: If you add glycerin will make this have more of a lotion feel but will make it cost more. If it lumps up, you can add more water and shake. 😉
As many of you know, I use to be a serious couponer. Now that is has become such a fad I have backed off and am using my stockpile up. I have a ton of bar soap and I don’t like it. I think it is germy and gets yucky and dirty. Plus it leaves a mess in the bathtub.
So I decided to make some body wash up!
I didn’t find much on this online so I decided to just make it happen by trial and error.
Here is my super simple recipe.
2 to 1 – Water to Soap.
You will need to gather up:
Your bar soap (2 Bars)
Cheese Grater
Large Pot
Water (2 Cups, filtered if possible)
Jojoba Oil (Optional)
and bottle to put your finished product in.
Kick back and get to grating your soap.

Add water and whisk while on medium heat until all the soap has dissolved.
This took 4 to 5 minutes.

Set pot aside to let it begin cooling off.
Add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and whisk in.

When product has cooled you can funnel it into your bottle.
It will be a little frothy.
Shake well before each use, it will separate!
I used a pump bottle.
This is perfect for the kids, they know “Just one pump on the puff”.
Helps save! 🙂

One pump is about dime size and it suds up like crazy and goes a really long way!