Sunday Fun

Today started off with a bang!! The ever welcome, FLAT TIRE!! Ugh, … I’m so thankful we have awesome neighbors!! (that also have an air compressor! 🙂 ) I had a few hand scrubs left over from our wedding, that I had promised them, I managed to find a couple, and take them over, about the same time that I realised I had a flat…. We talked for a bit, then laughed a lot, … We are really going to miss them, its nice to have awesome neighbors, who really care! So, currently, I am Grocery shopping, in town, and soon I will be heading to the walmart, that I hate so much… to get my loving Husband his 24 PACK OF DIET COKE. Picky! But I love him so much!!!!  Then, off to deliver some Grandma Mix Gifts I made for a couple family members who are going thru a rough time. … . I will have to post more recipes, and six from today’s hand scrubs and Grandma Mixes. . . I hope everyone has a restful Sunday! ~Ami