Life is becoming a lil’ bit simpler….

My wonderful Husband got me a MiFi HotSpot for my birthday, & I am getting some serious use out of it!! I LOVE IT!! I used to have to take him to work, & then go find a hotspot & surf the web till I could get everything I needed to do, done. Now, I just stay @ Home, & work on my laptop. Whats even better? I get to stream Pandora, Check my email as it comes in, Upload captures from past photo-shoots, & so much more!! I love being able to multi-task while I am working on the web!! Today, I will be streaming Google Play, & doing dishes, cleaning the house, & making stew for when my baby gets home from work, then we can relax & be lazy for a few hours till its time for bed. I hope all of yall have been enjoying your friday, Can you believe the weekend is here??? Heck Yeah!! Till next time, ~Ami