“I just saw that broken link… In my last post. Whoops!”

So, I went back to find the pin, for the broken link, But I can’t find it, … I am sorry!! I hate it as much as you do – I really wanted to check that website out later, But hey! @ least I can make up for it, RIGHT?? Yep! Enjoyz! ~Ami

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Thrifty Thursday…String Storage

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday…using what we have around the house (or super cheap things) to make our lives a little easier.
Today, it’s string storage. I know, trivial, but we all have string right? Well, here’s the new string idea in my sewing room…mounted on the wall.

We all have baskets around the house, but if not, these are from The Dollar Tree for…you guessed it…$1.00.
The baskets hold your balls of string. It’s easy to see, contains them without the balls going every where and the baskets could hold more than one ball too.

I don’t have small children around my house, so I hooked scissors on the basket for easy cutting!

The holes in these baskets allows for the string to be threaded through…just pull as much as you need and cut!! The rolls of string stay inside the baskets.
Easy peasy!

If you’d like to see my old string storage, you can CLICK HERE.
Hope you have a Thrifty Thursday, ~Karen~

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“Gardening – Under The Turf” n’ “Garden Me Pretty”

Whoooooo!! SPRING. IS. HERE. !! The weather may not want to behave, but Easter has come & gone, and that, in my book, means SPRING!! Have you noticed that EVERY-THING is thickly covered pollen??? Another sign that SPRING is here. FINALLY!

So, you know that a number of weeks ago, My dream for a garden came true, Thanks to my Dad; I love ya, Dad! X0!

I have a washpail full of Gardening Boards on my Pintrest account – Slap full of ideas, loves, n’ all kinds of stuff! I have several moc-ups of future projects for the the Hubbys & I’s Estate Garden. I have a few I’d like to feature here, tonight… Can you guess what my next few projects are?? I’ll give you a hint… It has something to do with Red Wigglers.

Here are some of the ones I just pinned a few min ago, to my boards. . .

Oh! n’ P.L.E.A.S.E. check out MY PINTREST ACCOUNT & Check out my 147 Pintrest Boards {& Climbin’!}

I hope all of of Ya’ll enjoy the weather, despite what temperature. If its warm & sunny GET OUT AND ENJOY IT!! Rainy or cold? Park yourself infront of the laptop or in a chair with your favorite book, and some #Skittles. { @YouFoundPickles  n’ @Lizlarg on @Instagram }

I am going to call it a night. Tomorrw is a big day for me, my Hubby is comming back home. I have missed him so much!! I am going to tackle him in bear hug & lots of kisses when I see him! LOL! {I did that once @ an airport, one year… I nearly knocked him over! He totally didn’t expect it,  It was hilarious!… I wonder if a video of it is floating around YouTube somewhere..?? If ya’ll find it somewhere on YouTube, Tag me in it! #VolpeLife}

New Planning in the New Year of 2013

Oh, …. ! I am so excited!! As you know, the hubbs and I have been “moving day in and day out”, because the hubbs has a funky schedule, he can’t do it for just a few days straight. So when we do get an entire day to move, we borrow my dad, his truck & trailer, and get as many loads as humanly possible, that day allows for.
  Well, this Wednesday, we are renting a 26′ box truck, and getting the rest of our belongings OUT! I am sick and tired of moving all of this stuff!! We are selling our micro suede couch, because we just don’t have room for it. Its a 3 piece sectional, sage green, with lots of options. I kinda hate to get rid of the thing, but what else can we do? I would hate to see it seriously squished in storage, (if, that is, we could squeeze it in, somewhere…?) We both would rather see it get used, by someone who really needs it. (I have a special someone, who wants it… >.   Ahem…. I have decided, I want a Garden, and an Inground Fire Pit! I have been thinking on both topics, for a few days, now. Trying to decide locations for both, what I want to plant in the gardens, what size and how many functionalitys I want with the fire pit. So, this Thursday, my mom is coming over, to our new house, to talk garden. {Both my dad & My hubbs are going to want to kill me, but that is the fun of it! Right?}

   When my grandmother was alive, she was THE green thumb around here. My grandfather was the cattle herder, and horse breeder. Over the years, because of all of the livestock, and steady gardening, de-weeding, pruning, and everything else that they did here, at their home, {Our new home} has not only seriously helped keep the grounds here in exceptional shape, but it has also helped give me multiple ideas of how to keep the grounds up to par, where to put what, and will help me keep the grounds looking similar to the way my grandmother would have had it. She is with me,in my mind and in my actions, every single day. I miss her so much, I guess gardening here, is a way for me to “keep her alive”.  When it is all said & done, I don’t have a doubt in my mind, that my grandmother will be smiling down from heaven. {I will have to post pics of my progress!!}

  I know I want a veggie garden, or better said, a very extensive veggie garden. However, I will have to add to it as I go, because we don’t have a lot of $ right now. I am planning on asking my father to till the garden with his tractor, when I decide where exactly I want it. 

I have also been thinking, I want a Lavender garden, and that got me thinking, “Why not just have the Lavender up my the end of the house, with the already existing White Lilly’s and Daffodills are, and put a beautiful, hearty flower garden, in the field, where the Miscanthsus is, and {Around the corner from where I want to put the veggie garden.} I have always wanted a Rock Garden, too. I don’t know if this has something to do with my love for succulent plants, or what, but I have an entire kitchen window full of them, and it is about time they have their own garden. These are some of the 40+ $1 – $3 clearance items, that I found at Lowes, a few weeks back. I managed to get some exceptional plants, from that buy. This particular succulent mix, in my kitchen window, has been multiplying so fast, that I can’t get them all rooted in time! I can happily say, that  when I do get a Rock & Succulent Garden going, I won’t have a problem with dying plants!! ^.^ 


Popular Virginia Attractions (Kid Friendly)

I have been googling Places & Things to do In Virginia that are Kid Friendly, & I am coming up with a lot of different things to do! 

Here are some of the links I am finding useful:






There are SO many other great things to do in Virginia, I tend to be a huge History & Science buff, but I LOVE seeing new things, too. 🙂 I hope this helps you out, Planning a Virginia Vacation, With or without kids. 🙂