Intro: Goji Berry

I just want to make a super quick post, as I am seriously multitasking over here. I am supposed to be grocery shopping, instead, I am catching up on my to do list, and making some much needed calls.

  I was at Fox Hollows Farms, most of this morning, and If you have ever been visiting over there, you know you are sometimes, asked to try something out of the ordinary… Well today my mother had me try a Goji Berry, and I didn’t exactly want to, because I have been tricked on the past, but this time, I tried it, and made a funky monkey face, then we walked out to the greenhouse, and she gave me the facts, and she showed me the very much alive bush that she picked them off of. Pictures, facts, nutrition and more to come! Keep it here!

Sunday Fun

Today started off with a bang!! The ever welcome, FLAT TIRE!! Ugh, … I’m so thankful we have awesome neighbors!! (that also have an air compressor! 🙂 ) I had a few hand scrubs left over from our wedding, that I had promised them, I managed to find a couple, and take them over, about the same time that I realised I had a flat…. We talked for a bit, then laughed a lot, … We are really going to miss them, its nice to have awesome neighbors, who really care! So, currently, I am Grocery shopping, in town, and soon I will be heading to the walmart, that I hate so much… to get my loving Husband his 24 PACK OF DIET COKE. Picky! But I love him so much!!!!  Then, off to deliver some Grandma Mix Gifts I made for a couple family members who are going thru a rough time. … . I will have to post more recipes, and six from today’s hand scrubs and Grandma Mixes. . . I hope everyone has a restful Sunday! ~Ami