About {Volpe Life}


The names Ami Volpe, but please just call me Ami. My life is always full of something interesting!

I created this blog, shortly after my husband and I got hitched, in 2012. I intended for this blog to be a living journal of my life, days past & those upcoming – and now with road trip adventures from my (quickly developing) future life on the road, with my husband!

I am studying to obtain my very own CDL!!!!!

I got married back in 2012 (June 5th, 2012, to be exact!) to the sweetest, absolutely wonderful, most handsome southern gentleman a southern gal like me could ever ask for!! I fell head over heels in love with him, from the very beginning!

I am now a SMother to 2 absolutely beautiful girls! I could not ask for a better life!!

I would rather be a SMother, than have my own (human) kids; We have kids, but they are the “Fur Baby” kind.

—> Just a little insight into this topic: I had Heart Problems as a baby,as well as up into my adult life, & I do not want to risk loosing a baby, or putting my now husband thru losing a child, or even losing both of us. I would never do anything like that to him! I love him too much! <—

Thank you for stopping by, & taking a moment to check out my blog!

8 thoughts on “About {Volpe Life}

  1. Thanks for following my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom.” Nice to have you on board. … I have no children. Just never worked out for me. Life can be very full without them and yes, it is wonderful to pour all that love on to kids (or horses πŸ˜‰ ) who need some extra attention. … Enjoy the journey. … Nurture what you love … Dorothy πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely! I can not have children, well to be frank the Dr’s suggested we I didn’t, I have had open heart surgery twice, and they are afraid that it would put too much stress on my heart, causing me or the unborn child to die. I could never do that to my husband, so I vowed not to put him thru that. I do, however have 5 fur babies, 3 dogs & two cats; and I am always spoiling my neighbors horses, when I get the chance. I am a 110% born & raised southern gal, and I LOVE me some time on the farm, with horses. Between my folks and my grandparents place just down the road, (where I now live) we had nearly 300+ acres, full to the brim with horses, dairy cows, goats, chickens, & all sorts of other livestock. There always an adventure to be had, here on the farm. Best of luck to you, and your family of fur babies. I look forward to seeing posts from you! – Ami @ Volpe Life

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