Activism: No GMO’s

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I missed a great deal of the excitement of the late 60’s. Though I was a bit young to be participating in sit-ins and demonstrations, I know plenty of people my age who partook of these activities. No, what held me back was indecision, lack of commitment. There is always so much self-righteousness involved in group marches and demonstrations. In the back of my mind there is always a little voice asking questions. These people are as sure of their facts as the other side is sure of their own facts. How can I be so sure of the facts I’m spouting?

Looking back on the history-making marches of my youth, I chastise myself for not participating. While I sat on the sidelines, look what the marches to Montgomery and to Washington DC accomplished! As an adult, I have tried to judiciously pick my causes and then to act on…

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