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A Poet Out Standing in his Field

How beautiful! ❤

Musings of a Horse Mom

Bear’s registered name is Shakespeare.

I like the name. But I didn’t name him.

His breeder in Germany did.

Bear’s sire, Shakespeare in Love, is registered as a stallion in the Hannoveraner Verband. If you’re interested, scroll down the stallion directory to find Shakespeare in Love. Click on the license number and it will link you to a photo of Bear’s daddy as well as his pedigree.

Shakespeare’s lineage is known as the “S” line. Hanoverians are registered with a name that begins with the same first letter of the sire’s name. This way they can be easily traced by name to a particular lineage. Note his paternal male bloodline features names beginning with “S.”

Why he was given the name Shakespeare, particularly, will likely always remain a mystery to me but, frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe on some grand meta-physical scale he was…

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Activism: No GMO’s

❤ This!!


I missed a great deal of the excitement of the late 60’s. Though I was a bit young to be participating in sit-ins and demonstrations, I know plenty of people my age who partook of these activities. No, what held me back was indecision, lack of commitment. There is always so much self-righteousness involved in group marches and demonstrations. In the back of my mind there is always a little voice asking questions. These people are as sure of their facts as the other side is sure of their own facts. How can I be so sure of the facts I’m spouting?

Looking back on the history-making marches of my youth, I chastise myself for not participating. While I sat on the sidelines, look what the marches to Montgomery and to Washington DC accomplished! As an adult, I have tried to judiciously pick my causes and then to act on…

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Searching for roads less traveled

I am intrigued, I will have to write my own version, one day; hopefully soon!


Occasionally, I need a fix. I’m lucky. My source is nearby. All it requires is the use of a bit of fossil fuel, which weighs heavy on my mind. But I console myself that much of the rest of the time I’m afoot or abike. Forty miles from my house, there’s always some little dirt road to explore. On this day I had a new lens to explore as well.

How do you get your fix?

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Banding Hummingbirds for science . . . and the thrill of holding such a mystical being!

My mother is a HUGE fan of hummingbirds, This is for you, MOM!



Please forgive me for shamelessly reposting this report that was initially published in August of 2013.

Whoohoo! An update to this post: Today, The Idaho Statesman reports that hummingbird banding projects across the country are paying off with new understandings and fresh questions about the life of a hummingbird. It is becoming clear that the life span of hummingbirds is much longer than the two to three years originally assumed. And a new-to-Idaho species, the Anna’s hummingbird, has made several appearances. The crucial missing link in this long-term research is active bird-banding at the migration destinations in Mexico and Central America.DSC_1103 - Copy

Between May and September, hummingbirds are on the move across Idaho. At least three species of these itsy-bitsy birdies—smallest bird species in the world—migrate from their winter range in Mexico to their breeding range in Alaska and back again.

The Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO), a department of biological…

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