I want to go crawl under a rock and die…

Okay, Here’s the scoop on our current Household Midlife Crisis,…  I figured I better give an update on the recent happenings, first and foremost…
  As you know, we’ve had a household crisis here @ the Estate the past few days, messing everything up. When bad came to worse, I shopped around, and called the professionals. Royal Flush is the highest rated here in the area, so yesterday, I called, and spoke with one of the ladies in the office, I explained our problem, and she immediately told me that what she thought it was, the septic tank settling. (Turns out, she was right.)  We discussed options, if they had a Law Enforcement discount (yes, 50% off the first $100), and then she skillfully explained that they will send a certified technician out to take a look, give you a list of options, referrals and price estimates. She explained that they do refer to other 5 star contractors in the area, and they are all state certified & baced by the BBB. I love this soo much!! I don’t have anything to do with business that aren’t backed up by the BBB, because I’ve been ripped too many times.
  So anyways, the technician came out today, and gave us a roundabout idea on what our options are. I have to call the company the referred us to, again, in the morning, because they are closed on Sundays. It looks like its going to be a $400 job, the technician said that if we mention that RF referred us to them, and we are law enforcement, the companies usually take a % off too, as a thank you for the referral kind of thing. Decently enough. 🙂  He said he thinks its the septic tank, and that it sunk so far into the ground, that the pipe is hitting the septic tank wall, and not going into the system, causing the insane backup issues here inside the house. SO NOT GOOD!!
  The technician also said that because our place was built in ’73, that there likely isn’t a connection to the septic tank, so that’s another wonderful thing to add to the list.
  This needs to be addressed, and prices quoted, before we will decide anything else on the topic. One thing is for certain, I am DEFINITELY staying home from the August Virginia Trip, thanks to this crisis.
  I wish these blasted HURRICANES would go bother some other area of the world, and stop messing up this place!!!!!
  Have any of you used Royal Flush, before? Have you known others that have? I would love to hear your thoughts, or even referrals to another company. We are researching our options, but something MUST happen THIS WEEK, I can’t continue to live like this, and on top of its all, its incredibly embarrassing to even get out of the house. . .

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