Spring Brings New Beginnings; & Lots of Pollen in the USA

The past few weeks have been crazy busy! Every Monday, for the past 2 weeks,  the Hubb’s & I have been doing our routine physicals, Getting our bodies in check up mode-early, for our up and coming “life on the road”, We are totally looking forward to it.  Due to all of the heat & humidity, here in the gorgeous South, I have been spending hours on end in the garden & greenhouse, making sure nothing dies out due to the extreme heat.  I have been battling the local farm critters in our 1k sq. ft. garden, this spring… Our local Easter Bunny & his over populated family have been doing a serious number to our garden, so much damage, that I am growing the rest of this season’s crop in our greenhouse; I have been taking extreme measures to make sure our beloved Greenhouse is “Critter Proof”!   {Take that, ye’ ol’ Hare Family!!}


                 Our mower has issues, (very annoying issues, might I add), A week or so ago, the hubby got our old mower out, (We had to jump it with my Neon, to get it to start.) The hubbs  was able to cut 30’ of yard, before it died, I got the Neon back out, jumped it again, and within 5 minutes, we had to do it again. I was attempting to clean house while the hubbs was MIA, outside mowing; but the mower had other plans. I literally had to stay in the vicinity of where the Hubb’s was mowing, with the Neon running, so every time it died; I’d be there to jump it back to life, because the mower couldn’t cut 15’ or more, without dying. {We have about 2 Acers to mow, which isn’t that much; but when you go to mow the yard, and it takes you 4 hours, because you have to keep jumping it & jumping it, it can get to be a pain in the tooshie… If you know what I mean.}

Oh, and if you thought things couldn’t get any worse, you are so wrong…  I have been without my Android since early-March, {and let me tell you, being without my “Mini-Computer-In-My-Pocket-LIFE”, has royally sucked!!}


 My husband an’ I have been trying to keep up with the repairs around the place, we have been doing fairly well, If I may say so myself. In case you have been wondering what we have been dealing with, but don’t want to flat out ask, here’s a pretty good outline…. : Trying to keep this place warm on the cold days/nights has been a challenge, but not near as much of a challenge as trying to keep this place cool, we are seeing; The plumbing is not a problem, or has not been any more of a problem since we fixed the major blockage when we first moved in, back in January; and the roofing is up to par, no problems to speak of there. The {metal} siding is pretty spectacular, too. So far, so good. J The floors here have their flaws, as would any other 40+ year old Estate, most of the trouble spots are in one general spot of the house; some in the kitchen, a few weak spots in our bedroom, and don’t even ask about the front door. { If you don’t know where to step, you’ll go straight thru the floor, no joke.}

This morning, I was getting ready to go to “The Grove”, to return some library books, check out P.O. Box, n’ do some mall shopping.  So, I was walking down the hall, trying not to fall on my face, from nearly tripping over our cat, J.A.P.; who was racing his shadow to get under our twin sized bed. {If any of you out there in the world, who are reading this,  have a cat who is 17 {Human} years old, or older; I don’t have to tell you that they don’t get their wild streaks often, but then they do, it is usually wise to stay out of their way.}


 So, a few seconds later – J.A.P. made it into our bedroom, and disappeared under our bed. When I {safely} reached our bedroom, I laid my clothes out on the bed, and went into the study to grab my Laptop & Notebook bag, to fill it with today’s essentials. I grabbed my bag, and was walking back from the study, back into our bedroom, when I hear J.A.P., meowing high pitched, several times, like he was about to make a mad dash out from under the bed, and up the hall, again. I stepped back, waiting for him to zip out from under the bed, and go streaking past me into the next room, as  I started to think; Oh great, here we go again! More “Claw Bearing; Carpet Pulling; 15 lb. Ball of Fiery Furr-y” racing thru the house… But no such act happened. Just 7-8 High pitched Meow’s from J.A.P… {I didn’t think much of it then, but now the more that I think of it, I think he saw what was about to transpire, before it even happened, and was trying to warn me.}  Anyways, I am walking back from the study; I have my bag in hand, It is in the air, in about the same speed & momentum as my body was; I was in the action of sitting on the corner of my side the bed, My bag to be in my lap when the action was to be completed-So I could finish getting my needed items packed, & finish getting ready. Well, my tooshie, my leg, my “not so heavy” bag with laptop, & all of the momentum caught up in that movement-hits the bed, and doesn’t stop there! The itty bitty corner & center leg posts under the spring box and the mattress snap like a twig, taking the underneath of the corner of the spring box with them, straight thru the weak floor; making an even bigger weak spot, and a few tennis ball sized holes, where the legs went. All this time, J.A.P. is still underneath the bed; He’s howling like he’d been shot, sounding pretty ridiculous-actually. I stand back up in shock, and realize that J.A.P., is trapped under the bed,. So I get on all fours to stoop n’ look underneath the bed, to find a bug eyed kitty cat, who has obviously been scared to he!!, and back, yet he was up against the wall at the opposite end of the bed-clearly out of the way of danger. {I checked J.A.P. out, he was fine. Just a big 17yr. old wuss.} It’s all quite hilarious, now. Not a day goes by, that isn’t eventful in some way, n’ that I am ever so thankful for.


{Memories are more important,

than most of the worldly-material things in life.} 


The whole 4 months that the hubbs and I have been here, and the time that I lived here, {Back when my now Husband first proposed to me, and a few months before that.} about 7-8 years ago, the biggest problems that we really ever had, was the bed was a bit shaky. Actually, I take that back. Once the bed did go thru the floor, but that was with me, the hubbs, and the cat in the bed-Back in January 2k13.  It wasn’t a big deal, just a bit nerve racking. {You try getting woke up out of a dead sleep by J.A.P. jumping on the bed, and the bed literally folding into a taco from the weight, and the itty-bitty legs that are trying to support the weight, buckling; complete with J.A.P. being cat-a-pulted thru the air.}



 During my weekly run to the P.O. BOX, today I was walking in, on the phone with the Hubbs, I saw this gal on the other side of the door, and within the split second that I was standing there, I noticed that she was pregnant, so I opened the door for her out of kindness. Low & Behold- It was a long lost girlfriend of mine I hadn’t seen in over a year, or maybe it’s been 1.5 years; I gave her a huge hug, all the while squealing “Oh my Goodness!!  C.R.!! – How have you been!!??” I quickly got off the phone with the hubbs, {Which, BTW, I’m sure he was glad, because he was likely temporally deaf from all of our squeaking!} My friend & I stood there, in the doorway to the U.S.P.S., chatting up a storm. I couldn’t believe it was her!! She looked so CUTE, all preggo! {You go girl!!} She was proudly telling me that her Baby Shower is this Saturday, and I offered to do her Baby Shower Photography.


{ www.JFoxCPhotography.Wordpress.com }


 I told her I don’t have a flowing income, other than what little jobs I can find on the side, {that’s a void that has yet to be filled}; But that my Baby Shower Gift to her was my Photography services, {{Her & her  Newborns Photography when they are in the hospital;  Monthly sessions, till she is 1 year old, and 3 month sessions afterwards till she is 2 and older. }} and whatever else I could help with now till Saturday; as well as anything that she needed, for the years to come.


I am trying to get together everything I can for her, as she said she doesn’t have many friends to invite, and barely enough money for her and her 1st child to survive on. My heart goes out to her, I know this is tough on her. She’s a single Mom, with a beautiful little girl already in the world, and another beautiful girl on the way. A wise soul once told me:  You can take memories with you to your grave, but you cannot take worldly material items.


 this goes out to all those Single Mom’s out there in the world: My heart goes out to all of YOU. Life can be rough around the edges, and sometimes it’s just plain shattered, but YOU never stop; those of YOU who are strong & courageous; those of YOU who stand up for yourselves, AND your children; YOU are doing what so many of us couldn’t possibly imagine having to do on our own. YOU are not only making a wonderful & full life for your children; YOU are setting the prime example for your children, as well for the rest of those around YOU. YOU are an example to us all. 


SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Some people’s lives are just naturally good to them, and they are treated well because in life because of it; But some aren’t always so lucky; that’s where JESUS CHRIST’s prime examples come into play. HIS prime examples teach us how to take control of our lives, N’ the lives of those around us N’ steer them in the right direction.  


Since we spoke earlier today, I have been trying to think of what I have around here, and what I have seen at yard sales n’ such that would be of some help to her. I remember that I saw a crib (several stage crib) at a yard sale last weekend, for $25, But I don’t think it will fit in her house, she says that she doesn’t have that much room. I wouldn’t mind getting it for her, because it comes with a mattress, the bed linens, the crib, a few musical hanging toys, and a few in crib toys for the older toddlers.  These are the things she really needs, THE BASICS. If any of you find it in your heart to make a donation of SANATISED Items, such as cups, baby clothes, toys, diapers, changing table, crib, or even a gift card in various amounts, etc, etc,.  I know she would more than grateful for the help. If you’d like to donate anything, please contact me via my Contact Us link on this blog, call or email, If you don’t already have the direct line. Your more than welcome to comment on this posting, since I an likely to get that, faster than much of anything at the moment, since I don’t have my Android anymore.

  Anyways, heres an update… : I got an email confirmation this morning, from the phone company that my phone was caught in the drama this past monday, in boston mass. (the bombings) and that they have confirmation that it was “”unrecivable”” so they are sending me a second {refurb} phone. Just when I thought those bombings had nothing to do with me, It seems I was so wrong. Just my luck.

  I am going to get off of here, I am hoping this post gets published, as I am seeing glitches with wordpress. Happy week and coming weekend! I hope to post captures of this saturdays Baby Shower, in the coming weeks! ~Ami

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