Spamming editor = blacklisting

Mistakes in media relations

It was a few years back, but here’s a story about blasting out news releases that should teach you why you need to tailor pitches to each member of the media. When I teach media relations, I always caution that emailing a news release (especially widely blasting it to a whole list) is not the same as a pitch. Reporters want to be treated as individuals, and while that means more work for you to learn about them and what they actually want to hear about from you, it is necessary, or you could suffer this fate.



The editor at Wired, arguably the most influential publication for the techie crowd in the last decade, was fed up with PR people blasting him irrelevant news releases via email. So fed up, that he posted a story to his site saying he’s sick of it. And that he’s blacklisted 329 email…

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