In Order To

This is devastating! My heart, love & PRAYERS go out to ALL who had to see this, hear that someone they know or love were somehow impacted by the bombings, or have some other connection with the happenings of this past Mondays tragic happenings. My prayers also go out to those also affected last night, in Waco, Texas. I have family htere, and I have yet to be able to get ahold of them I am PRAYING FOR THE BEST! Let us join together in prayer for all of the familys impacted in some way (good or bad) by these and other bombings, and those of us who have lost friends and loved ones due to catastrophic events. May Jesus Christ & His Father Bless us all! ~ Ami

To Inform is to Influence

In order to.  Such a small, powerful, necessary phrase.  It is often shortened to “why”.

As a former operational planner we always had to construct a mission statement.  We included the big five: Who, What, Where, When and Why.  By clearly defining those terms we ensured clarity when developing a plan.  We would often revisit this mission statement during the plan, tweaking it, fleshing it out, until finally we would have a mature mission statement as part of the plan.  “This team moves to the village of Pineville and teaches small unit tactics to Pineville forces no later than 15 April 20xx in order to build effective fighting forces to defend Pineville against foreign aggression.”  That is a very simplistic mission statement, so notice the ‘in order to’ phrase (which can be shortened to “to”).

President Obama, his speech writing team and legal advisers did not declare the bombing in…

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