DIY Elevated Dog Feeding Station Made from School Chairs The DIY Village


When Matt and Jacque were given a set of four old school chairs, they immediately realized two were not fit for sitting because of a cracked seat and a missing support rail.  These two broken chairs were almost out the door when inspiration struck — they would make the perfect elevated feeding station for Jacque’s sister’s collie.  After languishing in the garage for a few months, these chairs are now ready for center stage.


As you can see, this project is a great way to elevate the feeding bowls for larger breeds, and it’s simple enough for any DIYer to attempt.  After a light sanding to knock down the finish, you trace your feeding bowls (which have to have a slight lip) and then use a jigsaw to cut out a hole that is slightly smaller than your traced circle.  Sand the cut edges smooth, then paint or stain the chair to match your decor.  The final step is to coat the seat of the chair with a clear protective finish to protect it from any spills and to make for easier cleaning.

As you can see, the finished product was approved by Fenway, Jacque’s dalmatian. See detailed photos of the entire project over on The DIY Village: DIY Dog Bowl Chairs.


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