Our New Home – Garden Additions & Workbench D.I.Y.’s

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that the hubbs and I lost our last house to foreclosure, but we are now living in a new house, some distance away from our last. Not to mention, some serious distance from my sister, over @ her brand spanking new blog, : Semikee.Wordpress.com !! 
  I have been trying to keep both of us, as positive as possible. All of the blasted moving just about killed us. I am so incredibly thankful that all of that is O.V.E.R. !! shew!!

  On to bigger and better things,… i have been trying to stay busy, around here. I have FINALLY decided, after much adue, and several decision changes, where to put the Veggie Garden. I have also decided that I want a ‘standing herb garden’, on the patio, so I can just step out the door, when I am cooking, and pick the needed herbs, for what I am preparing at the moment. Our patio is fairly large, another wonderful thing that I am extremely thankful for. (One day, maybe the hubbs will get the notion to re-build an overhang, from the front porch to the garage, covering our lovely patio, and one of our boys hidden doggie caves.)

  Yesterday, I went to visit my sister; (Owner @ Semikee), and the family. As many times as I have been there, I have never met Puff, I can not believe it that I had never met him! He is such a sweetheart, n’ has a bit of a comical nature… Below he is showing me how he perform s his ‘tongue stretching


After I left there, I went to the local Nursery & Landscape place, n’ purchased some succulents, 2 different varieties of rosemary, some Chick n’ Peas, and a few other plants, and a huge bag of potting soil that I have on my list to collect.

  Now I need a few dozen decorative planters, but….. I think I will improvise because of our current lack of funds.  I also need to decide if I want our Veggie Garden to be raised n’ fenced, or just fenced. Options!! Options!! O.o 

Here are a few images of the new plants I found, yesterday. (NOTICE the hanging bench?) That’s one of the next D.I.Y.’s, I am going to blog about!!







Aren’t they just beautiful!?? I will be posting updates on the ones I’ve planted, n’ when I get all of the captures together, and type it all up, I will post. Hopefully I will be able to upload a video, and for it to ‘play’!!


  As a last note, please go by, and check out my sisters BRAND NEW SPANKING BLOG!!
Don’t forget to tell her, I sent you!!


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