Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed – January 4th, 2013

Good Morning, Fellow Bloggers and Followers of mine! (Super, Super Early!!)
  I am bright eyed, and somewhat bushy tailed on this freezing cold, January 2013 morning. It is still dark outside, here on the East Coast…
  The hubbs and I haven’t been getting much sleep here, lately. Its been probably 2 months since either of us have gotten any kind of sleep, averaging more than 4 hours per night. We have been so stressed out, over losing our home, back in 30233, that it has driven us both pretty darn close to the edge.
  Last night, was our 2nd night at “our new home”. I will go onto that a later.
  We bought “Our Boys” home last night, to our new home, that is.



We brought J.A.P., our only inside cat, home too.


The rest of the critters will be another day.
  J.A.P., and the boys have adjusted nicely. The boys are on runners, so they can get a lot of exercise every day, and J.A.P.,  well, he just hangs out inside. He is much older, and is too old & fat to Jump on counters, or the kitchen table. That I am so incredibly thankful for!
  The weather has been cold during the day and even colder at night. Past few nights, its been reported “large sheets of ice” on the roadways. I believe it, too. I stepped out on the stoop this am, and just about busted my tooshie because of black ice on the steps. Genius, I know.
  This morning, I awoke at 4am, got up, and started washing sheets, blankets, towels, and everything else in the closet that had a musty smell to it.
   I still don’t have the closet fully cleaned out. I do know one thing, there are about 30,000 California King sized bed sheets, covers & blankets, in this closet, and out of all of that I only found 2 sets for the full sized bed. Needless to say, I will be hitting yardsales, today. 🙂 
  In between washing, drying, folding, sorting, and putting away clothes, cleaning the kitchen, and the bathroom looks, sorting thru the garage storage, of ours, to find our dishes, bowls, cups, silverware, and other items that are needed, changing the sheets on the bed, and realising that I am only working with 2 sets of full sized bed sets. Golly.
  A few minutes later, I was walking around the house, watering my plants, low and behold, I walked into the den, & I caught J.A.P., red handedly eating one of my plants. Ingenious cat!  I kid you not, I walked into the den, and said “hey JAP, whatch’a doi…. J.A.P.!!!!! NO sir!!!” J.A.P. had an entire leaf of my precious plant, in his mouth. He was looking at me, now completely frozen, with a look on his face, as if to say, ” oh CRAP! I’m so dead!! RUN for the hills!!!” After I rescued my precious, and horribally abused plant, I walked, and double checked all of the plants in the house, {there are more that 40} making darn sure all of my precious plants are inevitable out of his snacking reach.
  And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the hubbs torched one whole side of the same plant with a space heater, later that day. One side of the plant is a nice such green succulent, and another side is black, burnt and crispy. I will be lucky if this one lives thru this. I hope it will bounce back, but durn!
  During all of the bustle of laundry, and cleaning, and constantly looking for missing items,I managed to get in a healthy fruit  breakfast, and a Smart Water.


I got a lot done, this morning, and I plan to get a lot more done, as the day goes on. I have a lot more to move too. But it won’t get done, with me on here! Ciao! Have a great day -Ami 

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