The start of another exciting adventure!!

Here I sit, next to my Husband, in our GMC truck. We are driving to Va., on a .5O business .5O pleasure trip. We left the house about 010:00 this morning, it will be about a 10 hour drive for us. I absolutely love the drive, its always so real, and beautiful. This will be my first time going to Va. at this time of the year. We have both been to Virginia, together. Heavens, my Husband was born and raised in Va. So this is nothing new for him, I am glad he knows his way around, because I don’t! Lol!
  Whew! Its FREEZING outside! I think they said it was 30* at 4 am, this morning, when I was still up, packing & cleaning house. I didn’t to bed, until about 05:45, and 5 minutes later, my Husband texted and said he was headed home early, so I just stayed in bed, and waited for him to come home. We ended up saying we were going to get up, in an hour, and leave by 09:00. Ha Ha Ha! Yeah. Right! We totally messed that up! Well, the good thing is, that we are on the road, and well on our way. Keep an eye here, for the latest updates, and don’t forget to follow our sister blog! – JFox’C!

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