Mrs. Myers – Laundry Days

About mid October I was in Walmart, on a grocery and realised we were low on laundry detergent. I gathered all the needed groceries, and headed over to the laundry department. I was not thrilled with what I found, when I arrived at the correct isle; nearly empty shelves. There were a few off brands, most which were too highly priced, for such small bottles.
  After much adue, I wandered over to this cute little container, you can never judge one by its cover, or, in this case, by its container.
  I am never one to particularly love “man made” products, especially detergants and such, things that contain chemicals, and especially things that are harmful to animals.
  There is bound to be a special place in hell, just for people who are cruel to animals; a bunny with a pitchfork, poking and proding those cruel people, forcing them to jump off the steepest ledge, falling deep into the hottest part of the pits of hell…I got a bit off topic there, didn’t I… Moving on, … One of the things on the shelves, in the laundry department, was this bottle, a unique little bottle, {see below} I picked it up, opened it, and smelled it, waited for a min, as I studied the label, then smelled again.
  Normally, one would careless what it smelled like, but unless you or your loved ones have have had numerous allergic reactions to softeners, or detergents, you probally wouldn’t understand.
  My husband is highly allergic to certain things. One in particular, the scents of laundry detergents. Since I had little to choose from, on the isle, and this was the only one that I thought my hubby might be ble to withstand, I put it in the buggy, and headed off to the checkout. On the way home, from the store, I began to wonder if I really did make the right decision, or should I just have waited until the the shelves were restored…..? After I got home, I unloaded the car of all of the groceries, and put it all away, I eagerly got a pile of my clothes together, and grabbed this yummy smelling detergent, an headed off to the washer.







After putting the clothes in the washer, I examined the bottle more carefully, yes, I just had to smell it again! It smelled soooooooooooo good!!! As you can see, the label says “Lavender”, but in all true honesty, it smells like Baked Apple Pie to me! So good, i can almost taste it. I have loved using it, as you can tell, It is about half empty, I highly recommend this product!  It makes all of our linens smell absolutely amazing, oh, and they really spell fantastic when they’ve been washed in this, folded, packed away in storage, and then you go open the box, and you are engulfed in this yummy aroma!


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