Its so FLUFFY!!! In gunna DIE!!!!!!!!




Sunday Fun

Today started off with a bang!! The ever welcome, FLAT TIRE!! Ugh, … I’m so thankful we have awesome neighbors!! (that also have an air compressor! 🙂 ) I had a few hand scrubs left over from our wedding, that I had promised them, I managed to find a couple, and take them over, about the same time that I realised I had a flat…. We talked for a bit, then laughed a lot, … We are really going to miss them, its nice to have awesome neighbors, who really care! So, currently, I am Grocery shopping, in town, and soon I will be heading to the walmart, that I hate so much… to get my loving Husband his 24 PACK OF DIET COKE. Picky! But I love him so much!!!!  Then, off to deliver some Grandma Mix Gifts I made for a couple family members who are going thru a rough time. … . I will have to post more recipes, and six from today’s hand scrubs and Grandma Mixes. . . I hope everyone has a restful Sunday! ~Ami

Aprons! Aprons!! Aprons!!!


We love linen! It’s one of the strongest, most durable fabrics, and it grows more beautiful each time you wash it. We have some lovely linen napkins, and we’re on the lookout for a good linen apron. Here are ten under $50.

Linen is not cheap (unless you score a good find at the thrift store!) but it’s worth the extra cost for its long-term durability. Did you know that linen sheets can last for over a hundred years? They just get softer and softer each time they’re washed, and kitchen towels and aprons do too. Yes, they have some natural wrinkle, but we like that natural look.

Here are a few favorite aprons.

• 1 12oz Eco-Linen French Apron, $30 at Sartoria.

• 2 Citron Domestique Linen Cafe Apron, $45 at Amazon. Available in over a dozen colors and patterns!

• 3 Lotta Jansdotter Hostess Apron, $43.95 at Essentials.

• 4 Linen full apron, reversible blue and yellow pinstripe, $45 at Vital. Reversible to pinstripes!

• 5 No Ties Apron – Lemons, $45 at Inklore. A smock-like apron that buttons in the back. Lined with sunny yellow cotton.

• 6 Classical Cool Linen Apron, $26 at HS Gifts. Ruffles!

• 7 Thinking fish linen apron, $23 at Dindolina. Part of a series of printed aprons from Rome. The fish is saying, in Italian: “I’m not going to bite.”

• 8 Waiter-style pinny/apron, $28 at Remadeshop.

• 9 Ruffled blue linen apron, $28.95 at Buy American.

• 10 Pure Linen Apron, $17.99 at Touch of Europe.

Grocery Shopping on that “Ever so Tight” Budget



When you’re on a budget, it can be a challenge to shop for healthy, fresh food, so the EWG took that dilemma to task! Their newest guide assessed nearly 1,200 foods and hand-picked 100 of the most nutrient-dense foods at a good price, from fruits and vegetables to dairy, protein, grains, and cooking oils.

Their recommendations also take into account those foods with the fewest pesticides, contaminants and artificial ingredients. In addition to a quick list of the best foods to buy on a budget, the guide also offers budget-friendly recipe and meal plan suggestions and healthy eating tips. The guidelines are pretty straightforward: fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, eat beans and lentils in lieu of meat, and skip processed foods. You can download and print out the guide below!

Download the ‘Good Food on a Tight Budget’ Shopping Guide