Aprons! Aprons!! Aprons!!!


We love linen! It’s one of the strongest, most durable fabrics, and it grows more beautiful each time you wash it. We have some lovely linen napkins, and we’re on the lookout for a good linen apron. Here are ten under $50.

Linen is not cheap (unless you score a good find at the thrift store!) but it’s worth the extra cost for its long-term durability. Did you know that linen sheets can last for over a hundred years? They just get softer and softer each time they’re washed, and kitchen towels and aprons do too. Yes, they have some natural wrinkle, but we like that natural look.

Here are a few favorite aprons.

• 1 12oz Eco-Linen French Apron, $30 at Sartoria.

• 2 Citron Domestique Linen Cafe Apron, $45 at Amazon. Available in over a dozen colors and patterns!

• 3 Lotta Jansdotter Hostess Apron, $43.95 at Essentials.

• 4 Linen full apron, reversible blue and yellow pinstripe, $45 at Vital. Reversible to pinstripes!

• 5 No Ties Apron – Lemons, $45 at Inklore. A smock-like apron that buttons in the back. Lined with sunny yellow cotton.

• 6 Classical Cool Linen Apron, $26 at HS Gifts. Ruffles!

• 7 Thinking fish linen apron, $23 at Dindolina. Part of a series of printed aprons from Rome. The fish is saying, in Italian: “I’m not going to bite.”

• 8 Waiter-style pinny/apron, $28 at Remadeshop.

• 9 Ruffled blue linen apron, $28.95 at Buy American.

• 10 Pure Linen Apron, $17.99 at Touch of Europe.

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