Last Saturday of October, 2012

Most of you know, tomorrow is not only the last Saturday of the month of October, it is also the day I am hosting my huge event!! Lots of fun stuff, going on, I have made a few board, on my blog’s pintrest account, kids costumes, adult costumes and even a pets costume board!  I hope you have noticed, I have not made this event a “Halloween” event, this is simply a ‘Costume Contest’; my reasoning being I do not believe in Halloween. I don’t like the idea behind it, and I would never dress my kids up, for any reason similar to that! Besides, have you seen what some young kids dress up as, these days! If you want to do that, with your kids, be my guest, but just don’t ask me to do that with my own.

Anyways, I just got back home a few moments ago, from yard sale hopping!! Oh boy! I found some super exciting items!!! I also picked up my specality items today, at Tree House Farm & Nursery. I had called about them yesterday, and I was stating that I was able to find EXACTLY what I was looking for, and a reasonable price!! I will definitely be going back there!!
  I now have a few minutes to get some props together for tomorrow’s event, call a few clients, and confirm their times to.arrow, and put my feet up a bit, before I have to set back out, and get the last minute items for tomorrow’s setup. If anyone is wondering, Yes, I will be arriving about 45minutes early, tomorrow, to set up, and maneuver everything is in line; for any of you who may have a few questions, or can not make it, at the specified times, and would like to do a few quick shots. 🙂 I can work with that!
  Oh! I set up a third date, for yet another session of 2013 senior pictures!! Yay!! I am so happy! I just love getting 90% of my business just from word of mouth!! I love my clients!!

Native American Sweetheart – II

So, last night, I was unable to get the needed paints and brushes for this custom piece, and my personal stash was running pretty low, so today while the Hubby was at Target, I had him run me over to Michaels, so I could get what I needed. I love Michael’s so much, I always get what I come for, and so much more! I found a few more props, body, but that’s enough for another post, maybe tomorrow. 🙂 I need to get home, and feed up on the farm, once I get settled back in, I will take some more pictures, so you can see the detail better, as well as clean her up, and If I have time, I will get started on her. I have a few finishing touches, that I can’t wait to try, but I want work backwards now! See you soon, stay tuned!!! ~Ami

Native American Sweetheart – Part I

This afternoon, a very dear friend came to me, with this beautiful girl in her arms. She asked me if I would paint this for her. I have to admit, I am honored that she wants me to paint it for her. I had about 28 ideas swirl around in my mind, just standing there talking to her about the piece, and admiring its beauty. So, keep your eyes peeled, I am going grocery shopping tonight with the hubby, tonight after he gets off of work; and I will be getting the extra paints and brushes then.


What ideas do you have? I want to hear them! Be sure to keep you eyes here, for the latest updates! ~ Ami