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Changes and poo

I have been thinking a lot about my blog, an the direction I want to take it in. I have been making a lot of video DIY tutorials, and a few blog postings, the I have yet to fully edit, and ready for posting.

The In-Laws are coming in, 10am tomorrow, and staying a few days, I am dreading it…. its good to be such a long weekend, and even longer, with this now in the works. By noon, tomorrow, you can offically say that ‘The poo has hit the fan.’ ……… I can not wait till Tuesday!

  It is almost 4am, on the east coast, and I install awake… Come on sheep! ~ Until next time – Ami

A Huge Mound of Packing Tape

I am sitting here, on the couch, what is left of our green micro Swede couch, what is not in storage, already, that is. I am staring at a Huge Mound of packing tape to my right, as I am surrounded by plastic and cardboard boxes, alike.  I have my blue book, here with me, also, so that I can number, label, and know what is being packed in what box; sometimes I hate my organization skills, sometimes. Ugh… I just finished the 2 loads of dishes, lunch is in the microwave, and I am to pack what I can, till my Husband gets home from work, late tonight. . . Right after I finish re-working my 3 month calendars, and writing a terrified that I have been putting off. Have a great Saturday!! Goal up some sun, on the 1st day of fall, for me!!  Oh, I have a wreath to make, and post the tutorial here, too! ~Ami

DIY Tulle Flower Fairy Lights

I’ve been contemplating getting a set of flower fairy lights for quite some time now. But then I decided that making a set would be more fun :)

I knew that all I needed were a set of plain fairy lights and flowers. I could have bought pre-made fabric flowers that actually looked like the real thing, but I wanted to be a little more creative.

I then had to decide what to make the flowers out of… there were so many options! Paper? Fabric? and if so, what type?? – I very quickly decided that fabric was the way to go since I wanted these lights to last a little while.

The only fabric I could think of that would be stiff enough and allow enough light to pass through was tulle, so off I went to get some to experiment on.

As it turns out – SUCCESS! Tulle flower fairy lights are go! – So here I show you how you can make your own :)



Now repeat that as many time as you like. Place the flowers on all the lights or just a few to add some colour, either way, it looks pretty cute.

I tested them out on the staircase and I think they look pretty friggin’ awesome.I have an ulterior motive for creating these lights.  ❤ ~Ami



Well, here it is – a tutorial on how to make a tissue paper flower (with tulle). Good luck and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section if anything is unclear.

First of all, assemble your stuff – tissue paper (2 colours if desired), tulle, string and scissors.
Cut two rectangles of each colour and two rectangles of tulle. The flower I have made used 38cm x 25.5cm sheets but it doesn’t really matter, just so long as the pieces are all rectangular and of the same size.

Lay the six sheets on top of each other. If you are using colours, I tend to put the darker sheets on the bottom, lighter ones in the middle and tulle on top however, living in the creative world we do, don’t let me stifle you. Line up their edges and begin to fold them back and forth in a concertina. My folds were about three centimetres wide but once again, don’t let me rain on your parade.

Once the folding is complete, bend it in half like a fan and tie it tightly (so that it gathers) in the middle with string

Snip the ends with scissors to make a petal shape.

Fan out one side into a half circle.

Then, delicately begin separating the layers, taking care not to ruin the pleats or tear the tissue paper (when this happens, don’t cry… I sort of just shove it back in and hope no one notices).

Continue separating and

Lifting and zshoozshing (an extremely technical term that may or may not have or have originated in 23BC China… or maybe just two minutes ago).

Unfurl the other side and continue in the same way, separating, lifting and zshoozshing.

Finally, use your hands to gently scrunch (I am now just thinking what… use your hands as opposed to your mouth… as though you need advice to prevent you from making your tissue paper soggy and unusable) and zshoozsh to manipulate it into a pleasingly floral shape (but once again, don’t let my need for a chaotic symmetry suppress your inner urges – if you want it to sprout in one particular direction, don’t let me tell you it is not regular enough).
And then you are done!!!

Now you can go crazy with any color you like. The above two have eight layers of tissue rather than six… there are all sorts of crazy ways you can go so get folding and have fun.

Make Your Own Body Wash!!

Make Your Own Body Wash

UPDATE: If you add glycerin will make this have more of a lotion feel but will make it cost more. If it lumps up, you can add more water and shake. 😉
As many of you know, I use to be a serious couponer. Now that is has become such a fad I have backed off and am using my stockpile up. I have a ton of bar soap and I don’t like it. I think it is germy and gets yucky and dirty. Plus it leaves a mess in the bathtub.
So I decided to make some body wash up!
I didn’t find much on this online so I decided to just make it happen by trial and error.
Here is my super simple recipe.
2 to 1 – Water to Soap.
You will need to gather up:
Your bar soap (2 Bars)
Cheese Grater
Large Pot
Water (2 Cups, filtered if possible)
Jojoba Oil (Optional)
and bottle to put your finished product in.
Kick back and get to grating your soap.

Add water and whisk while on medium heat until all the soap has dissolved.
This took 4 to 5 minutes.

Set pot aside to let it begin cooling off.
Add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and whisk in.

When product has cooled you can funnel it into your bottle.
It will be a little frothy.
Shake well before each use, it will separate!
I used a pump bottle.
This is perfect for the kids, they know “Just one pump on the puff”.
Helps save! 🙂

One pump is about dime size and it suds up like crazy and goes a really long way!

Sequin Mirror {Gently Borrowed}

YEP!! ❤ I borrowed this from a blogger, over @ this link: http://meijosjoy.blogspot.com/2011/07/do-you-ever.html

Tell Em’ I sent ya!! ~ Ami


Sequin TB roll sunburst mirror

Do you ever …love at first sight?  Do you have sleepless night just to think how to ‘have’ it?  Do you ever tried 101 ways just to fulfill your desperate-want-to or must-have?  I do! After I seen this look simple-but-actually-not-as-simple project by Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.  A sunburst mirror using PVC pipe! How cool!

I saw the projects months ago…I have all the material on hand…but only one thing short… PATIENCE!  I don’t have a miter saw…so, no harm to exercise by using a hand saw…but after cutting the second piece of PVC ring…I give up the method…I JUST CAN’T STAND THE WHITE PVC RESIDUES SNOWING EVERYWHERE….Sorry, Alicia…I don’t have a separate work area…I cut the PVC pipe in my craft corner!
So… second alternative…. Why not a Toilet Roll instead of PVC pipe..Yeah!…(after few attempt…and killed a few toilet rolls… wrapper rolls…. aluminium foil rolls…  Gosh!  So hard to have a straight cut and it also quite messy!
Third alternative…Finally, I started to regain my conscious.  Why the hard way?   I use some old cardboard, draw a 1cm width lines, cut it out and rolled them into whatever I want them to be….simple and perfect… no messy…What was I thinking earlier?
See…My way…to this beauty…

Material : 
1 piece of mirror
1 piece of “?” hook
1 piece of tin’s lid – the size of the lid have to be smaller than the mirror.
Pieces of old cardboard…at least 3mm thinkness
Glue, Double sides tape, Glue Gun
Some sequins  (optional)
Method :-
1.  Screw the ‘?’ hook and your cardboard ring into the lid.  This will be the base of your sunburst mirror.



 2.  Start to arrange your cardboard rings around the lid until you happy with the pattern.  I made a simple one by mixing 1″ ring, 1.5″ ring and 2″ ring.  This is the result…


3.  You can paint the rings but I skip the painting job and add some bling-bling to it by glue on some leftover sequins…I bought this sequins earlier for my mom to add some on her dinner outfit…Well. that’s another story.

4.  Close-up on the sequins thing..

5.  Here how it looks when done.
6.  Glue the mirror onto the lid using glue gun.
7.  DONE!!!  Finally, my own sunburst mirror.

It’s now the feature of the staircase wall!
My new love!
When there’s a will
There’s a way…
When a mom want something…
nothing gets into her way!
Smiles and Craft on!

As Time Flys

I apologise for not posting as often as I had promised, I understand the point of a blog, my definition is to post one or more per day. My hobby & I have had way tonight going on… We are losing our house, thanks to that retarded monkey in the white house…. what a moron! We are having a lot of issues with $, and despite everything else, the people who we thought we could put our trust in back out at the last minute. We should’ve known… That is a prime example of WHY I have trust issues. I am posting this from my android, so I apologise if it is funky looking, or has some crazy spelling errors. ~ Ami