August 1st, 2012 ~ Welcome August!!



Welcome August!!

   I must say, August is definitely my favorite month. It’s right smack dab in the middle of summer, after the hottest part of the year {July 4th},  usually by now I have got a decent tan going on. Not to mention, My birthday is tucked away somewhere in the middle of this month! Summer is always filled with lots of potential, the weather nice & hot, but not too deathly hot. Being Italian, I can usually stand some pretty scorching temperatures, with ease.

   Unfortunately, after June 21st, the the days start getting shorter. Even though it gets hotter & hotter every summer, down here in the true south, & I absolutely LOVE it! I’m a Southern’ Gal, & Lovin’ It. Southern’ Born & Southern’ Raised, with a bit of Fiery Italian Kick. If my Husband & I ever move, I’m gunna miss livin’ in the South where it’s super hot, because it’s so worth it.  I  do love a good, ice & snow covered winter, cold & snow covered for months, yep that’s a nice change of scenery, but I still love me a good hot summer! They balance each other out, well!


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