Ok Ya’ll, I’m needing a little guidance, here…

Ok, so ya’ll can easily see that I am on a recipe posting rampage,

but WHAT do ya’ll want me to post?

“Cool me down” Summer Recipes?

Grilling Recipes?

Super Easy Weeknight Dishes?


Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork, Lamb Recipes?

Anti-Pasta Dishes?

Pasta Dishes?

Seafood Dishes?




Frozen Fruit Pops?

Smoothie Pops?

Dreamy Pies?

Creamy Sundae’s?

… … … …

Do you see where I’m so lost… J


So, Ya’ll tell me…

    What do you want ME to POST??     
























Ami’s Chit Chat (Trying to beat the heat!!)

Welcome July 2012!!

Can you believe it’s the 4th of July, ALREADY??

Five months of 2012 have already passed!

We have been having a lot of fun,

digging right in to the NEW MARRIED LIFE,

it sure is fun!! Lots of stuff to do,

lots of cleaning to catch up on,

lots of bills to pay, not to mention all of the

places we have to take a copy of our marriage license to!

A LOT has been happening,

Lots more going to happen, I’m sure of it.

Just wanted to stop in,

Make sure all of you are doing well,

& staying COOL in this 109* weather!

Its only going to get hotter,

I already feel like in in Lancaster, California!

Thanks to the weather!

What kind of weather are ya’ll having?

❤ – Ami