A newlywed friend of mine’s post is making me stop & think… (Repost)

I am reading a post a Newlywed friend of mine, wrote, & has become famous for… Since It has made me stop & think, I think I will re-post some of it, & if you’d like to read the rest, I’ll post the link for you.

…..”When I read posts on Facebook from newlyweds talking about how magical newlywed life is because it’s like one big “party” or “sleepover” I just shake my head a bit. Sure, I’m not married yet, and yes I do want at least a few moments of bliss, but if there’s a…nything I’ve learned this year, it’s that love is this unconditional force that carries you through the most horrible parts of life. I’ve seen my fiancé break down completely during this whole ordeal. I held his hand as we watched his mother die in the hospital and I learned to tie a man’s necktie through Youtube so I could help him get dressed the morning of the funeral. This year has been hard. At times, we lashed out at each other over webcams. Other times, we were so tired we couldn’t even talk. But we pulled through and I think our marriage will be stronger for it…… Read the rest, here: http://www.newfangledhousewife.com/2012/07/wife-to-be-of-month-nikki.html & Don’t Forget to check out her blog, like her posts & follow her!


3 thoughts on “A newlywed friend of mine’s post is making me stop & think… (Repost)

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  2. Well, for starters, when she wrote, : “”…newlyweds talking about how magical newlywed life is because it’s like one big “party” or “sleepover…”” … I never saw marriage like that @ all.
    Yes, I always saw it as a magical adventure, BUT, the magical adventure to be enjoyed with the one & only I want to spend the rest of my life together; Who is now my husband, & we are extremely happy together.
    Yes time are rough, and with the economy the way it is, it def is not making times easier, but with love, true love that is, & Jesus Christ in our hearts, all things are possible.
    It still baffles me, as to how people think of marriage is a game,a huge sleepover, or what have you. Marriage is a BIG thing, & Yes it can be FUN, but marriage isn’t something to play around with. It is legal terms.
    Those people who think marriage is a “Game” or “Sleepover” are usually the ones who split up after just a few months or so of marriage.
    Marriage is supposed to be a LIFETIME commitment to the one you love. I, personally, do not believe in Divorce… Unless it is due to (unwillingly) being someones punching bag, abuse bucket, or otherwise abuse prone individual.
    I was abused @ a very young age, & I have some very strong opinions, that most people don’t like to hear. I can not STAND to see someone, usually a woman, putting up with all of that rage, & abuse.

    … The rest is for another time…. Another blog posting.

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