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Yeah, I admit I don’t really have enough time to be typing some super long posts @ the moment, {I’m working on perfecting another blog for a bestie of mine, currently…) So I have been borrowing blogs I think are pretty darn awsome, & some others {ie: pink polka dotted napkin tutorial} are just too darn cute NOT to re-post!! If you have a n awsome blog or know of an awsome blog post, you want to see re-blogged, contact me! Keep cool in these Hot Southern’ Days!! ~Ami

{Gently Borrowed Posts}

Go Ahead—Add a Splash of Color

Direct Link: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/go-ahead-add-a-splash-of-color/ by Sheri

Adding Custom Colors to your blog just got simpler than ever! Now you can change your entire color scheme with the single click of a button. Color has impact: it sets context and should complement your message.

You’ll find the most popular palettes and patterns from COLOURlovers are sure to delight whether you want to paint the town red or always bet on black.

Adjust your color palette by using drag-and-drop to swap colors, view suggestions and variations, or pick colors manually.

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Themes that have Custom Colors support have been set up so each color value can easily find its place. Not only that, color contrast is carefully calculated to make applying colors as easy as pie.

To get started, go to Appearance Themes, click the Live Preview links or the Customize button for your current theme, and select the Colors & Backgrounds panel. Custom Colors is part of the Custom Design upgrade. When you save changes, your colors will be stored and then you can apply them live on your blog once you have purchased the upgrade. See the Custom Colors help page for more details.

Whether you want something bold, understated, or with just enough oomph, you can make your message stand out from the crowd by selecting colors that fit your style.

Custom Colors

<p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang=”en” type=”video/mp4″ href=”http://videos.videopress.com/cUNHhOrp/custom-colors_dvd.mp4″>Custom Colors</a>.</p>

Choose your colors with purpose. Worlds of difference await!

{Gently Borrowed Post}

{Gently Borrowed}

From: Martha Stewart’s Blog

((Direct Link is on the bottom of post))

Mamma Agata’s Recipe for Lemon Cake

Recently on my blog, I featured a post guest written by Aaron Stewart, VP of Product Design for MSLO, about his experience at Mamma Agata’s Hidden Treasure Cooking School on the Amalfi Coast. Because of the overwhelming positive response to this post, Mamma Agata graciously agreed to share the recipe and photographs of her famous Lemon Cake from her cookbook, Simple and Genuine. Aaron says “I enjoyed hearing all of your stories and dreams of visiting Amalfi. I just made this recipe this weekend for my sister in law, Beba and her husband, Dan. He had three slices, it was so good! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! For the rest of the recipes from the class you can buy her award winning cook book that is super easy to follow and has lots of helpful hints. Happy cooking!”

If you would like to purchase the cookbook, please go to Mamma Agata’s website.

Recipe is below or download for easy printing here

Here is the Mamma Agata cookbook, filled with authentic Italian recipes from the Amalfi Coast.

Dolce al limone di Mamma Agata
(Mamma Agata’s Lemon Cake)

300 gr or 1 1/4 cups sugar
250 gr or 2 sticks butter (1/2 lb), PLUS an additional 1.5 Tablespoons butter, to grease the pan
4 eggs
Grated zest of 2 large lemons (4 lemons, if small)
A pinch Sea salt
300 gr or 2 cups “00” Flour
16 gr or 2 tablespoons of Pan degli Angeli Italian baking powder
125 ml or 1/2 cup whole milk
50 gr or 1/4 cup hazelnuts (finely chopped and toasted)

Lemonade Mixture:
300 ml or 1 1/4 cups water
Juice of 3 lemons
8 Tablespoons sugar

1 ) Pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Whip the butter in a mixing bowl on high speed for at least two minutes.
2 ) Add the sugar and continue to whip until a soft cream forms. Mix the baking powder into the flour and set aside.
3 ) Add the following ingredients to the mixing bowl, one at a time, and blend after each: Eggs, one at a time, salt, grated lemon zest.
4 ) Alternate adding and blending the following ingredients into the mixing bowl: Flour and baking powder mixture and milk. In other words, add one quarter of the flour and blend; then, add one quarter of the milk and blend. Repeat this process until all of the flour and milk are blended into the batter.
5 ) Mix the ingredients on medium speed for about five minutes until the texture of the batter has a light and airy consistency (similar to a mousse). NOTE: Do not beat the batter for longer than five minutes after adding the baking powder.
6 ) Coat the surface of the fluted pan with butter before dusting it with flour. Shake off any excess flour before adding your cake batter to the pan. NOTE: This step creates a non-stick surface so that the cake will easily release from the pan and retain its shape.
7 ) Pour the batter into your greased and floured pan.
8 ) Bake the cake in the pre-heated oven for forty minutes.
9 ) While the cake is baking in the oven, prepare the lemonade mixture as follows.
10 ) Squeeze the lemons into a pitcher (or other container from which you can easily pour the lemonade mixture later). Add the sugar to the lemon juice. Mix until the sugar is fully dissolved in the lemon juice. Add the water.
11 ) Once the lemon cake is finished baking, let it sit for two hours outside the oven to bring it to room temperature.
12 ) Before we start this process, we want to ensure that the cake does NOT stick to the pan. In getting it to room temperature, the butter has solidified and that means there is a risk that the cake will stick to the pan. Here is the process just to ensure it does NOT stick to the pan before we proceed.
13 ) Place a plate on top of the pan. Tip the pan over and carefully shake the cake out of the pan. Immediately, place the cake pan back onto the cake. Carefully turn the pan back over. Remove the plate to expose the cake. This will seem like we have done nothing, but what we have done is to ensure that the cake will not stick later when we are ready to plate it.
14 ) NOTE: If the cake does seem like it wants to stick, you will need to place the cake back in the oven for a few minutes, just to warm the butter, and it will release from the pan easily.
15 ) Now it is time to add the lemonade mixture to the cake – that is what makes it so moist.
16 ) Over thirty minutes: Slowly pour a little bit of the lemonade mixture all over the cake in the pan every ten minutes (i.e. three times in total). This will allow the cake to absorb the lemonade mixture very slowly. You should NOT have used all of the lemonade mixture at this point.
17 ) After thirty minutes, tip the lemon cake onto a serving plate and add the remaining lemonade to the top of the cake, distributing it evenly all over the cake. NOTE: If you feel that the cake is still too dry, you may make a little more of the lemonade.
18 ) Garnish the cake with finely chopped hazelnuts and enjoy!

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{Gently Borrowed} DIY Napkin Tutorial

{Gently Borrowed} DIY Napkin Tutorial

From: Fiesta Resistance

You can see the blog post to its entirety, on it’s original blog post here:


Posted by Jordan

Today we’re so happy to have a wonderful guest post from an amazing blogger – Lindsey of Hot Polka Dot. Both creative and stylish, Lindsey is the perfect example of a foodie and a DIYer, as made evident on her blog. Today, she’ll be showing us how to make our very own napkins – which is a great way to add style to your celebration and, of course, save money! Sidenote: Don’t you just love her nails?



If you’re like me and you were lucky enough to get a sewing machine for Christmas, you’ll need a little practice before you get into the tricky stuff like bridesmaid dresses or heirloom quilts. Can’t get much more basic than the common dinner napkin.It’s easy, it’s cute and it’s sure to impress at your next dinner party.

Why search Target, Home Sense and Pier One for just the right shade of kind-of-orange-but-more-brown-brick red to match your vintage tablecloth when you can walk into any Fabricland and choose from an array of colours and patterns? It doesn’t take long at all to whip up a set of one-of-a-kind napkins and you’ll see just how simple it is to do a perfect mitered corner to add a professional touch.

All the best places end in “land” don’t they? Disneyland, Candyland, Wonderland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Funland, Galaxyland, Legoland, Playland… Fabricland is like some kind of squishy, silky soft heaven filled with crafty possibilities. I always find I walk in there with one project in mind and walk out carrying the makings of ten more. Fabricland is to crafter as library is to bookworm. Mecca.

Now if Fabricland would just install a few cotton candy stands, tea cup rides, popcorn machines and water slides we’d be set.

You’ll need…

1 metre cotton quilting fabric
Measuring tape
Bristol board template (optional)
Marking pencil
Thread of your choice
Sewing machine

Start by cutting out your squares of fabric. I used a template made of bristol board to make measuring easy. I made four 17 inch squares to make standard 16 inch napkins, but the choice is yours. Using a hot clothes iron, press down a 1/4 – 1/2 inch of all four corners. Double it to fold those edges in on themselves again and press another 1/4 – 1/2 inch on top of each.

Unfold your freshly pressed edges so you can see the iron lines. Using the creases as a guideline, trace a 45 degree angle from the second press line of one edge to the second press line of the other edge and cut off the outside corner.

Fold and iron down 1/4 – 1/2 inch of this new corner to match the sides. Following your old press lines fold in the edges to meet diagonally in the middle of the new corner to form a perfect mitered corner. Give an overall press and pin down all the corners and edges.

Using your sewing machine stitch the hem in place keeping the needle as close to the inner edge of the hem as you can stand. Be careful not to run the pins over with the foot and needle as that can break your needle. Instead remove them as you go. At each corner lift the foot and pivot the fabric 90 degrees to continue the stitch down the next side. Make sure to double up the stitches at the beginning and end of the hem by backstitching.


And there you have it! A pretty napkin with perfectly mitered corners! Perfect for adding some texture to your food photography, jazzing up your dinner table or giving as a thoughtful and creative housewarming gift.

*Married Life* Part II {Becoming a SMother}

   So, now I am a married woman. I married into a life, of happiness & cute little red-headed angels! I am officially a  Smother! {Step Mom}. But before I can truly be happy with myself; I have a few daunting tasks to achieve,. This is just one on my list..

Task One:{To Being a SMother}: Get in touch with my Organizing, Multi-Tasking side! & I have gotten a decent head start! (Thanks to the School Sales @ Walmart!)

(Look for another post, for the captures of today’s goodies!)

This is just a start… I bought the 3-D Dry Erase Board @ walmart for about $4, & the NEON dry erase Markers for about $3. I found a calendar with room for notes, (Dry Erase too) for about $6, But because it can be used, & used, & used, I got it. I know that’s a LOT for a simple calendar, but as bad as we needed it, I said the heck with it.

The next thing I want to do, Is make a few custom made magnetic/dry erase boards, but that may have to wait, as I don’t have much spending $$, currently.


The next task is Organizing the house of all of its clutter, I’ve been slowly working on this… No pictures, yet!

Maybe Later, as I get about 1/2 of the way done.

What are some of the organizational tips & tricks you as my readers use??

Anything as far as multi tasking??

I am going to start eating like Buggs Bunny if I want to keep this up & running…


Till Next Time!

Ciao! ~Ami

{Gently Borrowed Posts}

This Blog Was Gently Borrowed



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eat: Corn + Black Bean Salsa

 What You Need

Olive Oil
1/2 onion, chopped

1/2 bell pepper, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1-14.5 oz can petite diced tomatoes

1-14.5 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed

1-11 oz can of corn

1-6 oz can tomato sauce

3/4 tbs chili powder

1/2 tbs ground cumin

1/2 tbs ground coriander

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
One lime, squeezed

A few dashes of chalula or any hot sauce until you reach desired heat level

Salt to taste

Saute bell pepper, onion and garlic in a little olive oil until tender and move into a bowl. Mix canned tomatoes, black beans, corn, tomato sauce, chili powder, cumin, coriander, red wine vinegar, lime juice and hot sauce into the onion mixture and stir. You can crush the tomatoes and black beans a little with a potato masher to thicken up if desired. Pull out some tortilla chips and ENJOY! xo-ginny

*Also, you can let it sit overnight in the refrigerator before eating so the flavors can blend and enhance.

Ami’s Definations: Marriage, Divorce & When One Has Crossed THE LINE. (Part II) Part II of a comment from the newlywed posting makes me think.)

Well, for starters, when she wrote, : “”…newlyweds talking about how magical newlywed life is because it’s like one big “party” or “sleepover…”” … I never saw marriage like that @ all.
  Yes, I always saw it as a magical adventure, BUT, the magical adventure to be enjoyed with the one & only I want to spend the rest of my life together; Who is now my husband, & we are extremely happy together.
  Yes time are rough, and with the economy the way it is, it def is not making times easier, but with love, true love that is, & Jesus Christ in our hearts, all things are possible.
  It still baffles me, as to how people think of marriage is a game,a huge sleepover, or what have you. Marriage is a BIG thing, & Yes it can be FUN, but marriage isn’t something to play around with. It is legal terms.     
   Those people who think marriage is a “Game” or “Sleepover” are usually the ones who split up after just a few months or so of marriage.
   Marriage is supposed to be a LIFETIME commitment to the one you love. I, personally, do not believe in Divorce… Unless it is due to (unwillingly) being someones punching bag, abuse bucket, or otherwise abuse prone individual.
  I was abused @ a very young age, & I have some very strong opinions, that most people don’t like to hear. I can not STAND to see someone, usually a woman, putting up with all of that rage, & abuse.

 (Part II of a comment from the newlywed posting makes me think.)

   I have literally beat the daylights out of a friend of mine’s  Husband, (She was prego @ the time) for taking his drunk rages out on her!! He was literally beating & kicking her to a pulp!!

  She came to my house one day, cause we had agreed to go to the mall, & shop for Easter clothes. She came over, unusually late, She came to the door, & the side of her face was all swollen… I was like “ha ha, did you run into the door frame, again”  She looked & me & started bawling! I was like, “Hey, I was just kidding…!”  She started to pull out her cell, & show me the texts he had sent her of the night before; before he got home, & she had other proof of the crap he was putting her thru. He had said to her in a text “If you tell ANYONE about this, I will kill you & our baby.”

 That’s when I made up my mind, if she wasn’t going to take care of the problem, I was! I refused to see my best friend go thru this, & NO ONE stand up for her!! Needless to say, we had the police meet us @ her place, & we did a very extensive police report.  

  She did one, I did another, & she had her neighbors do one as well, because they had called the police on sever occasions because they had heard the commotion from 2 houses down, & had gone to help, but the husband wasn’t having it & had pulled a gun on them till they left..  That’s just one of the many police reports done on his sorry tail.

  I waited @ her house with her, & 2 officers waiting down the road, others on call.  When the S.of S. came home, we were sitting in the living room, talking when he came in with a baseball bat. He started raving & ranting to her about “I’m going to kill you, I told you not to tell anyone, didn’t I??”. He took one sling @ her, she dodged him, & I took it from there. I yelled out, “Go call 911!! I’ll handle this! GOO!!”  I beat his a$$ up, as I said to him, “U are all tough till it happen to u, huh??” ” Want some more of your own medicine?”  “Oh I’m sorry, DOES THAT HURT??” He won’t cross that line again….. I beat his a$$ till the cops pulled me off of him.

   I have it all recorded. The police have a copy,  I gave a copy to the Judge, (when his family tried to get him out of jail, saying he was innocent & he would never do something like that. Heh, yeah right.) & I have the original copy.  He won’t be getting out of prison for some time. I don’t play games with fools. Never touch me, & NEVER touch my family! I will give you a southern girl a$$ beating. Just ask that fool.

A newlywed friend of mine’s post is making me stop & think… (Repost)

I am reading a post a Newlywed friend of mine, wrote, & has become famous for… Since It has made me stop & think, I think I will re-post some of it, & if you’d like to read the rest, I’ll post the link for you.

…..”When I read posts on Facebook from newlyweds talking about how magical newlywed life is because it’s like one big “party” or “sleepover” I just shake my head a bit. Sure, I’m not married yet, and yes I do want at least a few moments of bliss, but if there’s a…nything I’ve learned this year, it’s that love is this unconditional force that carries you through the most horrible parts of life. I’ve seen my fiancé break down completely during this whole ordeal. I held his hand as we watched his mother die in the hospital and I learned to tie a man’s necktie through Youtube so I could help him get dressed the morning of the funeral. This year has been hard. At times, we lashed out at each other over webcams. Other times, we were so tired we couldn’t even talk. But we pulled through and I think our marriage will be stronger for it…… Read the rest, here: http://www.newfangledhousewife.com/2012/07/wife-to-be-of-month-nikki.html & Don’t Forget to check out her blog, like her posts & follow her!