Last Weekend in Georgia & @ Work, Before our long drive to Virginia.

This weekend is my LAST weekend, before my Fiance & I drive 12 hours to Virginia, for 10 or so days, & then back home.

We are planning on meeting up with several family members up in Va, & seeing a lot of diffrent places.

It is going to be a LOT of fun, & I am totally looking foward to it.

 Hopefully, we will have a few moments, to hit some bridal stores, because I still have a few things to scratch off the “Wedding to do list”.

I can honestly say, we are really looking foward to this trip.

As of today, ther is Exactly ONE MONTH, & ONE DAY till our wedding!!

I can not believe this time is going by SOOO FAST!!

It is absolutely unbelieveable!

Hello world!


You may call me Ami.

I am a Freelance Photographer,

Jewerly Designer, Graphic Design Artist,

IT Professional, a full time Bail Bondsman,

Fugitive Recovery Agent, & Wedding Planner,

for my upcoming June wedding in 2012.

My life is always full of something fun!

This blog is intended to be a living journal of my life,

My friends, & family,

as well as my new & up-coming life!

Thank you for stopping by, & taking a moment to check out my blog!

Happy Blogging!!

~Ami Volpe