The State For Lovers {Day 2}

So, Yesterday {Tuesday} was Day 2 in the State For Lovers. It rained all day!! Blahhh…

We got up around 0900 hrs, & rounded all of our stuff up, packed it all in the car,  got ready to head out to get some munchies, & find the hotel we had reserved for a major part of the rest of this week. {By the Airport in Norfolk, Va.}

Before we headed out, we stood on the balcony of out room, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, {Our Little Slice of Heaven}. Talking about the days plans, & how long we had till we were due to pick the girls up from school, that day. {My Fiance has 2 little girls, {{ABSOLUTE ANGELS I MUST SAY!!}} from his 1st Marriage.}

Yes,  have posted captures of the beach, & some of the presents the ocean left us on the beach. I will have to post a few more later, because there are SO many! {If you know me, & you know me well, I am an avid Photographer; I usually take about 1,000 pictures {Minimum} in 1 hour.}

Once we left the C.B. Beach & Hotel, It was about 1100 hours by then. So, we headed out to get lunch, or so I thought that was the plan. Bobbie & I were having a good conversation, & started to realize I had no clue where we were, … I thought we were going to get FOOD! {Yes, I know, I know. I have a one track mind when it comes to food!}

So we pull up to this HUGE, huge, huge warehouse building, with all kinds of assorted advertisements on it. So my Fiance pulls up, & says, OK Let’s Go! & I just looked & him, @ the building, & back @ him, thinking, Where are we??  Well, we get inside, & the first thing I do is squeal @ how big this place was!! Every direction I looked, {I kid you not!!} there was something to do with WEDDING!!! check out this place!! We spent 2 hours in there, I got a good $50 worth of wedding essentials, & the web address so I could go back & shop some more!! {I spent another 2 hours on the website last night!!} Intrigued? >>

Don’t take my word for it, Go check it out for yourself!!

So after the 2 hours worth of WEDDING!! shopping, We set out for lunch, We ended up @ Doumars. 2nd best place in Va to eat!! 🙂

Off to attach the pictures, & Viola!

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