The state for Lovers!! {Virginia} May 2012

Alas! We are in the lovely State for Lovers!! {Virginia} I am sitting here in out hotel suite, typing a quick little post, Hoping that I don’t get too carried away! 🙂

Update:: So, we managed to leave last night around 20:00 hours, and we crossed the Virginia state line, about 07:00 hours this morning. When we left home, I drove almost 6 hours, we were about 1/2 way thru S.C., when I started nodding off, & had to ask my honey to drive. He ended up driving over @ the {Va.} state line & napped for a few hours. {Better to be safe, than sorry!!} I was already asleep, when he reached the Va. state line, he said he tried to wake me up, but I was dead to the world. LMAO, I had only been up 48 hours prior to that! I hadn’t been able to sleep because I was so excited about our trip, & I was trying to make lists of what to do, & what to remember to pack.

When we got closer to our home away from home, {My Honey was born & raised here in Va.}, We drove to Virginia Beach, & scouted out the local 3-star hotels. We are staying at a Super 8 hotel, right on the beach!! I am ecstatic!! I knew there was a reason I brought my best tripod!! I will post pictures later… I have only taken about 45 since we left home last night! ^_^

To my left is my Fiance, taking a short nap, trying to kill his migraine, before we go see the family. To my right, thru these 2 huge bay windows, is the lovely Virginia Beach. The water is gorgeous, & calm. There is a rocky dune/wave breaker out a little bit, & barely anyone on the beach. Guess what?? I forgot my bathing suit!!!

Until we meet again, . . . Hopefully I will have some pictures ready to post. ^_^  Ciao!!


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